5 Tips to Improve Warehouse Security

Warehouse security is a key responsibility that all relevant business owners and management teams should take seriously. Sadly, many continue to overlook this important issue until they fall victim to theft, vandalism, or related repercussions.

The harsh reality is that compromised warehouse and distribution security may lead to severe financial or reputational damage. Some key statistics include;

  • Pilfering and other forms of warehouse theft can cost UK businesses a total of £915m per year. Internal dangers often outweigh external threats.
  • However, wholesale premises including warehouses have a 20% chance of experiencing theft from outsiders in any year.
  • The UK is the worst culprit for supply chain theft causing over £77m of losses in the Covid hit the first half of 2020 alone.
  • Excluding the pandemic, reported employee thefts in the UK are at around 10,000 incidents per year. Warehouses are a common location.

Warehouse security vulnerabilities remain a target for petty burglars, organised criminals, and dishonest workers alike. Here at Lodge Services, we proudly support businesses like yours with every step of business protection from keeping your retail shop secure to preventing cyber attacks. In this guide, we’ll look at how to ensure the security systems in your warehouse environments are up to scratch. 

Be Confident In Your Recruitment 

While it’s only natural to focus on the external threat of burglars and vandals, the grim reality is that employees pose the greatest risk to your bottom line. In addition to the direct losses, the fact you’ve not accounted for stock losses could impact order fulfilment to harm your reputation due to cancellations and delays.

For an organisation like Amazon, the severe shaming tactics are probably justified due to the sheer volume of warehouse workers and theft cases within the company. For most businesses, though, improved recruitment strategies are the first step to improved warehouse security. Employee vetting and background checks could be as vital as finding candidates who possess the right skills, talent, and experience for the role.

It is particularly important that bosses choose reliable managers, team leaders, and senior warehouse operators. Aside from protecting your tangible assets, the peace of mind you’ll gain should translate to increased productivity.

Install CCTV Security Systems

CCTV security has become an essential feature of all home and business security systems. Your warehouse spaces must utilise them as a key cog in the distribution security machine. Ai-powered security software built with warehouse security surveillance in mind will completely transform your approach forever.

Advanced systems can notify warehouse security guards whenever an employee or visitor displays body language that they are about to steal. By avoiding human error and distraction, you will stand to see far greater efficiency while simultaneously saving money by not requiring additional staff members to monitor them. CCTV can be added to internal and external settings to provide 360° warehouse security.

With CCTV in place, you will deter thieves whether they are workers or intruders. moreover, if someone is brave enough to commit a crime despite your advanced security systems, you will have the evidence needed for a prosecution.

Hire Quality Security Guards

While modern tech features can revolutionise your warehouse security strategies, you must not overlook the importance of having the right warehouse security guards in place. They will deter burglars, implement quick responses, and change the atmosphere within the firm.

Lodge Service can provide professional security guards who are fully licensed, understand theft and loss prevention, can use the latest tools on the market, and know how to maintain safety. In truth, they can be your greatest asset for establishing and sustaining better habits across the team. While they are a more costly solution, our services make them more affordable than you would imagine.

There is no substitute for having a high-quality security guard on site. Burglaries and break-ins are statistically far less likely as a direct upshot. The experts can also ensure that the other security systems are running as designed.

mobile security patrols officer

Modernise Your Access Points

If people can enter your workspaces without needing to prove authorisation, it can increase your risks. Unauthorised people may find their way into your warehouses while security teams will find it hard to spot them when there are dozens of people on site. Similarly, the ability to enter and leave with ease could enable dishonest workers to plot a theft.

Whether they plan to pilfer small and regularly or complete a significant instance of theft doesn’t matter. Having key fob systems, keypad entries, and other tools that will only permit access to authorised people should be high on the agenda. This should be further supported by cybersecurity measures that will stop you from falling victim to breaches that see more than half of all victims stop trading within months  

Investing a few thousand pounds today could save the business a fortune by preventing negative moments. When added to the savings made on maintaining a safe workspace, the importance of access points to car parks as well as the warehouse can’t be ignored.

Consider Your Warehouse Layout

As a warehouse manager, having a clear view of the environment can make a world of difference. Aside from enabling you to monitor the daily ongoings, the sightline for workers and visitors to your office works as an effective deterrent. 

Warehouses often have lots of tall and obstructing storage facilities, meaning you’ll be unable to view the entire area. The shipping and docking areas are the most vulnerable by far, which is why your office should have a clear view of this area and the entrance doors. You can take warehouse security to greater heights by blocking off the vehicular entry points to your loading bay areas. A dedicated entry system like a barrier point can work well.

After mastering the layout of your warehouse, as well as the other key features, you can support your security systems by implementing a daily checklist at the end of a shift. This may include checking that the windows are locked, the alarm systems are on, and the perimeter fencing is not at risk of intrusion.

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