A New Dimension in Security Guarding

Lodge Service has gained a reputation for providing manned guarding services that are based on the core values of trust, integrity and ‘people first. This ensures operational excellence and personal engagement with all our customers, to meet their business, commercial and wider goals.

Service quality is underpinned by our passion for training and development of staff to ensure “best in class” provision. This starts with the induction process for our security officers, and includes a range of training methods, using video, onsite and distance learning. Courses are also designed to meet bespoke training needs for Retailers Against Crime and other partners, working to industry and each client’s health and safety and GDPR standards.

We offer a competitive pricing model for guarding services, based on a living wage, that delivers good value from our unwavering commitment to core Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. This delivers direct cost benefits and peace of mind for clients from the assurance of a secure work environment to protect their stakeholders and assets.

Lodge Service offers flexible guarding that includes 24-7 and shift staffing, as well as ad hoc provision, to meet the need for support at peak times or where a known security threat is reported. We integrate manpower and technology, coordinated through our intelligence centre, into a hybrid model that extends the capabilities of our officers to monitor points of vulnerability – thereby safely reducing staff numbers and costs.

We operate special service agreements to protect multi-site locations in the following sectors:

  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Food (including Cash & Carry)
  • Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics
  • Fashion
  • Luxury Retail
  • Construction
  • BID
  • Aviation

Lodge Service delivers tiered security officer provision to meet clients’ needs: 

  • Silver (standard/formal officer)
  • Gold (conflict resolution officer)
  • Elite Security – ex-Military/Police/CPO officers)

For information on how we can protect your business or organisation, please contact us with your details.

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