BIDS Support Ranger – Day In The Life – The Community

My first task is to sign in on the Town Radio so that people know I am on duty for the day.

I am then informed if they need me to visit to help resolve any difficulties or challenges.

This could be to identify offenders via CCTV and assist a business to report an offence, hopefully, this can lead to identifying and arresting an offender – if they are still in the area.

I will also catch up with my management team and share intelligence from the previous day and share reports from businesses that have required my attention

On completion of my morning enquiries, I will conduct a patrol of the area and report any signs of anti-social behaviour and criminal activities, this can be anything from graffiti to drug paraphernalia to moving on rough sleepers and beggars.

I then look to meet up with one of our local Neighbourhood beat team and we share intelligence on what has been going on. This will detail those people to be on the lookout for (wanted and known offenders).

Throughout the day I also continue to respond to calls, every response call is different from the last this can be anything from detaining shoplifters to removing aggressive individuals from locations and safeguarding the public.

I always encourage and assist those with the reporting of crime on our crime-sharing information platform (DISC).

My main duties as a Support Ranger.

  • Reporting crime and Anti-Social Behaviour to the Police and record events on DISC
  • Safeguarding the public
  • Effectively communicating between Levy payers, the Police and Local Authorities
  • Build profiles for offenders and work alongside the Police to obtain banning orders, leading to the prosecution of offenders, often by attending Court and producing evidence.
  • Administration and management of the DISC platform and ensure it is compliant to GDPR regulations.
  • Participation in Security focused meetings and sharing intelligence
  • Building a good working relationship with the community

Working within the area is a challenge and rewarding job, every day is different, you learn something new every day and meet some great people

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