Covid Security Services for Business launched by Lodge Service
Covid security in business

Lodge Service has launched new covid security services to support organisations affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and Government regulations in Tiered and National Lockdown areas. Services include management of onsite queues and social distancing; CCTV thermal imaging and fever screening; facemask compliance and people flow management; and remote systems monitoring with 24/7 response call-out.

Andy Cockerill, operations director at Lodge Service, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019, says:

“We’ve seen an upsurge in demand from retail, corporate and logistics sectors looking for help to protect their people, profits and assets from a range of new security and safety threats. Businesses want help to ensure compliance to COVID-19 rules by visitors, as well as protection from opportunistic and organised crime gangs. Intelligent CCTV systems – with remote monitoring to identify incidents centrally and then alert local security teams – can reduce both risk and operational costs considerably.”

Covid Security Surveys

The service starts with a survey to assess the threats and risks to a client’s business resulting from the new Coronavirus environment, says Andy Cockerill, and then specification of a proportionate security response. Risk assessment by the security consultancy takes in physical and personnel security – from building entry and exit, to storage, handling and goods in transit.

The audit and risk management team at Lodge Service conducts Covid security assurance audits for single premises and satellite sites across the UK to ensure that each is following the correct processes and guidelines for compliance with Coronavirus regulations.

Activities assessed for retailers include customer flow management, mandatory signage, safe point of sale operations and stock and cash handling.

CCTV facemask detection and safe occupancy and distancing systems use AI (Artificial Intelligence) software to enable remote monitoring and detection. There are wide fields of view to cover large areas and accurate people count for both inside and outside premises, for offices, shops, hospitality venues and transport hubs. 

Temperature screening with a thermal detection CCTV system enables automatic screening of a large number of customers or other site visitors. With non-contact temperature measurement from a distance of one metre, this avoids the need to employ support staff to manually test each visitor to the location.

A built-in audio alarm alerts the onsite manager if a person has an elevated skin-surface temperature when they pass within the range of a system camera.

Internet Connected Services for Covid Security

Lodge Service can install IP cameras for fast, wire-free CCTV installation and connection over the internet, as well as EPoS and other protection, monitored from the Lodgic Intelligence Centre.

The centre features incident verification, management and event escalation, with SMART alerts by phone and messaging to contact the business owner or a nominated manager. Monitoring also includes BMS (Building Management Services) for lighting and HVAC control.

Homeworking has produced a major growth in home deliveries, which can create additional risks for logistics chains, says Andy Cockerill. Businesses can protect storage, handling and delivery operations with vehicle tracking and CCTV monitoring systems, from the warehouse to delivery instore or to a residential address. 

Lodge Service offers 24-7 DCD (Driver Controlled Delivery) and lone worker systems, for protection for out of hours deliveries. Vehicles are monitored in transit and on arrival. to enable the remote opening of barriers and entrances, while providing CCTV surveillance and two-way voice communication for entry and unloading operations, until the vehicle safely leaves the premises.

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