Crime Rates in Leeds 2024

Leeds, the most dangerous major city in West Yorkshire, is among the top 10 most perilous locations out of the county’s 118 towns, villages, and cities. In 2024, Leeds has an overall crime rate of 151 crimes per 1,000 people, contributing significantly to West Yorkshire’s overall rate of 140.2 per 1,000 residents. Among all towns, cities, and villages in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, Leeds holds the dubious distinction of being the most dangerous major city, with a crime index of 43.5.

Leeds is particularly plagued by bicycle theft, which accounts for 1% of all crimes in the postcode area, the highest in West Yorkshire. This specific crime issue is a significant concern for the city. Additionally, the city faces substantial challenges with burglary, making it the most dangerous area in West Yorkshire for this crime, with a burglary rate of 179%—the highest ever recorded. Furthermore, Leeds has the highest crime rate for criminal damage and arson in the county, comprising 7.4% of all crimes in the city.

The most frequently reported crimes in Leeds are violence and sexual offences, with 113 incidents per 1,000 people. In 2023, 40,224 such offences were reported, which is 3 per cent lower than usual. Conversely, the least common crimes in Leeds involve bicycle theft, though the crime rate for this category remains high.

A Look at Leeds’ Crime History


The crime rate in Leeds has seen a general increase over the years, as shown in the data below:

  • 2023: 151 crimes per 1,000 residents
  • 2022: 172 crimes per 1,000 residents (88,120 total crimes)
  • 2021: 153 crimes per 1,000 residents (78,237 total crimes)
  • 2020: 138 crimes per 1,000 residents (70,363 total crimes)
  • 2019: 160 crimes per 1,000 residents (81,548 total crimes)
  • 2018: 159 crimes per 1,000 residents (81,057 total crimes)
  • 2017: 139 crimes per 1,000 residents (71,198 total crimes)
  • 2016: 124 crimes per 1,000 residents (63,581 total crimes)

Leeds’ Crime Profile for 2024

The following table presents a summary of crime counts and rates in Leeds for the year 2024 and how they compare to West Yorkshire:

Crime TypeCount in LeedsRate in LeedsCount in West YorkshireRate in West YorkshireRate Difference
Anti-Social Behaviour7,08813.8725,85111.0825% more dangerous
Bicycle Theft1,1722.292,1410.92149% more dangerous
Burglary4,5288.8613,2175.6756% more dangerous
Criminal Damage and Arson7,97015.5926,92811.5435% more dangerous
Drugs2,6245.138,2453.5345% more dangerous
Other Crime1,8953.716,8872.9526% more dangerous
Other Theft6,96113.6221,1969.0950% more dangerous
Possession of Weapons9091.782,5971.1160% more dangerous
Public Order11,68922.8741,02417.5930% more dangerous
Robbery1,1382.232,8191.2184% more dangerous
Shoplifting6,13111.9917,2677.4062% more dangerous
Theft From the Person1,4872.913,3051.42105% more dangerous
Vehicle Crime5,22310.2215,7996.7751% more dangerous
Violence and Sexual Offences36,39371.20133,30757.1525% more dangerous

Crime Trends in Leeds

The table below provides insight into how crime rates have fluctuated in Leeds from 2019 to 2024:

Crime Type2019 Rate2020 Rate2021 Rate2022 RateTrend
Anti-Social Behaviour23272114Safer
Bicycle Theft2.
Criminal Damage and Arson16151516Safer
Drugs4.4555Getting worse
Other Crime3. worse
Other Theft15101114Safer
Possession of Weapons1. worse
Public Order16162123Getting worse
Shoplifting117812Getting worse
Theft From the Person3.
Vehicle Crime118910Safer
Violence and Sexual Offences60566671Getting worse

How Does Leeds Compare to Other Major UK Cities?

Compared to other major cities in the UK, Leeds reports a higher crime rate. Here’s how Leeds’ crime rate compares to other cities:

CityCrime RateComparison
Barnet69.6460% safer
Croydon86.1350% safer
Bristol97.7343% safer
Sheffield102.7340% safer
Coventry110.6536% safer
Leicester127.7726% safer
Liverpool140.9318% safer
Birmingham145.3816% safer
Bradford159.338% safer

Frequently Asked Questions About Crime in Leeds

What police force serves Leeds? 

The West Yorkshire Police is responsible for serving Leeds.

How dangerous is Leeds? 

Leeds holds the unfortunate title of being the most dangerous major city in West Yorkshire.

What is Leeds’s most common crime?

Violence and sexual offences are the most common crimes in Leeds.

What is the least common crime in Leeds? 

The least common crimes in Leeds involve the possession of weapons.

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