How to Choose the Right Security Guarding Service

How to Choose the Right Security Guarding Service

Hiring a security guarding service is a smart, and often necessary, step to protect your business. Whether you are looking for staff for a one-off event or you need security guards on a permanent basis, they help to keep the peace and manage risks. With shoplifting rates in England and Wales hitting their highest rate in 20 years, robust security services are more important than ever.

A quality security guarding service delivers not just excellent security but also great customer service. Security guards should be professional, and knowledgeable, and use the best tools to get the job done. When you’re choosing a security guarding service, several different factors could influence your decision.

Know Your Needs

Before you choose a security guarding service, it’s important to define your needs. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, it will be much harder to find a service that meets your requirements.

You will need to start by determining the scope of the services you require. Are you looking for regular patrolling, remote security monitoring, or store detectives? Perhaps you want access to intelligence such as data and analytics that help with making the best security decisions. You should define the what, when, and why of your security needs, from the location and time period to the specific risks you need to address.

Check Available Services

Each security company will offer its own range of services. Once you’ve defined the needs of your business or event, the next step is to examine which services are available. Even when two service providers might seem to deliver similar services, you might want to take time to compare them to see how they might differ.

Some of the services you’re looking for might include mobile security patrols, retail loss prevention, alarm response, and security for vacant properties. Make sure you choose a company that can tailor their services to meet your needs.

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Research Licensing and Certification

It’s crucial that your security personnel act professionally and within the bounds of the law. That’s why it’s important to research licensing and certification when you’re choosing a security guarding company. Security guards in the UK should have Security Industry Authority (SIA) licences, and you can also look for SIA-approved contractors. Other accreditations to look for include Safe Contractor and NSI (National Security Inspectorate).

When looking at licensing and accreditations, check which services the companies are approved for. You can also check with the relevant authority to ensure the information is correct and that any licences or approvals are current. The company should display information about their accreditations on their website.

Experience, Knowledge, and Training

You want to know that security guards have the required experience, knowledge, and training to carry out their work.

Firstly, you should look for a company that has experience delivering the services you need, possibly within your industry. When they have knowledge of your industry, they will have a better understanding of the specific risks and requirements. You can check their experience by looking at their website information, reading reviews and testimonials, and checking if they have any case studies examining their work with specific industries and clients.

You also need to know that the security guards are highly skilled and trained. The company should have robust criteria for hiring the right people to ensure they have the right attitude and motivation. They should carry out screening and background checks to determine the trustworthiness of potential employees before hiring them. As well as holding a licence to deliver their services, they should receive training and education that keeps their knowledge up to date. Be sure to select a company that places a strong emphasis on the development of their employees, ensuring they have all of the skills and knowledge needed to deliver the best service.

Ask about the training that is provided to the company’s security guards and how the company assesses their performance. You want to hear that they place value on investing in their staff and delivering continuous training so that they can provide the best service for you. Some of the areas in which security personnel might receive training include security protocols, defensive tactics, and first aid.

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Technology and Tools

The technology and tools used by a security team are also relevant when selecting a security guarding service. While the right skills are important, technology can help teams be more efficient and deliver their services more effectively.

Some of the technology that could be implemented includes CCTV cameras, mobile apps, intrusion detection systems, alarm systems, and communication devices. Security guards might use walkie-talkies or radios to communicate with each other, ensuring they can stay in touch while working across a single location or in multiple locations.

When a security company invests in innovative communication, it’s a good sign that they’re committed to developing their offering and staying relevant in the industry. You can determine that they’re always striving to improve things for their clients and provide unbeatable security services.

Services Tailored to You

The most important factor when selecting a security guarding service is arguably that they can tailor their services to your requirements. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to security, and your chosen provider needs to understand your concerns and needs. They should be able to listen to your requirements, offer advice, and adapt their services to deliver what you’re looking for.

Find out more about how a security guarding company can help you by requesting a quote or getting in touch to discuss your requirements. They should be happy to walk you through the services they offer and how they can be customised for you. This initial period of contact is a great time to assess the company and decide if they’re right for you.

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