How to Get the Right Security Solution For Your Business

With so many security systems and suppliers trying to get your attention and compete for your business, how can you be sure you are getting the best solution when choosing security?

Often businesses rely on the advice of the vendors’ salespeople, perhaps with some extra research online or by attending exhibitions. Then it comes down to the price for the final selection. 

But this process rarely takes into account all the buyer’s often complex needs. These might include –

  • the range of onsite and cyber security threats and risks
  • your commercial situation
  • integration with your systems and technical needs
  • the needs of all your stakeholders – busy staff and perhaps random site visitors

It’s time to stop falling into this trap and find consultants with a track record of supplying the experience and advice that enables you to make the right decision. 

Security consultants work collaboratively alongside security users to develop a solution that meets your goals and priorities – for security, safety, ease of use, systems and process integration, staff and stakeholder well-being and to meet commercial priorities. 

It is more than just lip-service: at Lodge Service, we use our unique Four-Quadrant Integrity-Based Security Model to assess your needs: a simple process backed by the experience of helping thousands of security user partners since the year 1919.


How Integrity and Collaboration Drive Great Results for Security Users

At Lodge Service, working with security users for over 100 years, we see a major issue with the conventional approach to both selling and buying security services and systems. There is an adversarial trap that pits the buyer against the seller, often ending in a downward spiral in the price and the quality of the specification. This is not fit-for-purpose any more.

Our approach is different. A win-win outcome is achievable, to ensure the best security solution, with a clear return on investment. But only with a shared understanding and agreement to all the security and commercial issues.

Each project manager at Lodge Service works alongside the security specifier or business owner, and others are engaged in and affected by the security problem and any proposed solution. We review with you your goals and the range of options and choices available to meet your needs, including the implications for you operationally, and the direct and indirect costs and benefits.

We look beyond our own services portfolio, comprehensive though it is. Our solution will not always be the right fit for everyone and we will say so. By asking the right questions, we can evaluate the immediate and far-reaching impacts of the options we propose.

Next Stage: Insight Workshop

Our engagement starts with the Insight Workshop. This is without cost or obligation. The agenda is driven by your answers to our questions:

  1. What security problem do you want to solve?
  2. Why do you want to solve it? What are the security, safety, commercial, system and process,  human factor issues – short and long term?
  3. Who needs to be involved?
  4. What is the likely system, services or process result/ outcome?

Who Should Attend the Workshop: Senior personnel in Security and Loss Prevention; also Operations, Facilities and IT Systems Managers.

Outcome: Lodge Service produces the first-stage report, summarising the principal issues and opportunities for your organisation. We then agree on the proposed next actions with you and create a project plan and timeline, to meet your objectives.

This process is the basis for great decision making, to reduce risk and get the best return on your investment in security. You are still free to get in other tenders or quotations of course –

  1. Book an Insight Workshop with Lodge, with your senior stakeholder team
  2. We arrange a free onsite security and risk survey
  3. Receive the Insight Report, with outline recommendations
  4. We agree on our security specification and recommendations
  5. Final review call to confirm and agree on any changes, including budget

For further details, please contact us and we will reply to discuss the best timing for you and your team and, if you decide to go ahead, we can then book the Insight session.

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