Creating a More Inclusive and Diverse Security Industry

Why does it matter?

We represent our communities and consumers want retailers and service providers to reflect and understand them.

Despite the cost of not doing so we are still as a sector far from where we need to be.


  • There will be a deficit of 60,000 security officers but a 7% increased requirement for security this decade
  • New Talent is needed
  • Diverse inclusive teams = 12% increase performance
  • Inclusive companies = 19% increase financial performance
  • Employees seek True ED&I Companies
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Time for change

We want the Security Sector to be one of inclusivity, diversity and professionalism. We believe that everyone can excel in the field of security, and recognise the unique abilities and perspectives that each individual can bring.  We need to ensure that we represent the communities we serve.

To support this, we will CREATE safe and inclusive cultures, CREATE opportunities for individuals and under represented groups to grow and develop, to remove barriers and banish old fashioned stereotypes

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Lodge Commitment to Support Careers within Security Sector

At Lodge, we are committed to supporting careers within the security sector. We recognize that there are barriers and stereotypes that can prevent people from considering a career in security, and we are dedicated to breaking down these barriers and creating new ways of working.

Through our CREATE initiative, we aim to support, nurture, and enable individuals to excel in the security industry. We want to create a safe environment where everyone feels valued, included, and supported.

Our approach is tailored to the individual needs of each person, recognizing that everyone has unique abilities and perspectives to offer. We are committed to creating an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and encourages innovation and creativity.

We believe that by supporting careers within the security sector, we can create a more diverse and effective industry that truly represents the communities we serve. Join us on our journey towards a more inclusive and professional security industry, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.