Lodge Service Appoints Matthew Baker as Group Technical Director

Matt Baker has joined Lodge Service as Group Technical Director with responsibility for developing and delivering technology services for customers. His focus will be on specifying and integrating intruder alarms, access control, CCTV and other systems for users in the logistics, retail and corporate sectors, to protect people, property and profits. He says:

“Lodge has a 100-year history and reputation for integrity as a trusted security partner; we have the opportunity to work with customers in developing innovative and cost-effective solutions, based on the latest technologies, to prevent losses and ensure better safety and security in the workplace and logistics chains.”

Matthew has worked within the security industry for over 20 years, previously as Head of Service at Amberstone Technology, and before that at OpenView Security Solutions and Gough & Kelly, where he gained experience in service delivery of technology services and facility management.

Transpeye is a key area of focus, he says: the system has many uses in providing real-time alerts that connect incidents or “trigger events” with alarm systems and CCTV, as a highly effective method to protect EPoS systems, assets and access points in premises, for example.

Data from alarm and access control systems, smart shelves, fire doors, EPoS, EAS, and other systems can be quickly integrated and monitored locally or round-the-clock from Lodge Service’s central intelligence centre. 

Retail, corporate, and other users of the system software set up notifications for the exceptions and events they want, using the system software’s simple dashboard interface and the availability of over 50 policy templates.

When a predetermined event is recorded, such as the EPoS entry of a returned item, the system immediately logs it, sends out an alert, and includes a link to the CCTV system so that there is a visual record as proof. On the user’s PC, a dynamic dashboard shows real-time data on crucial system operations and generates scheduled PDF reports to help with incident investigations.

“Transpeye technology enables losses to be identified and stopped, quickly and easily, which is vital when businesses are under cost and staffing pressures. It supports the new way of working too, where for example businesses are hot-desking or letting out an office or factory space and they need to protect assets from theft and damage cost-effectively. Transpeye does this the best way, automatically and remotely,” says Matt.

“The property owner saves time and money by preprogramming alerts, such as when the system detects the unauthorised removal of a tagged fixture. We can install an intelligent entry system as well, and deactivate an entry fob to automatically bar anyone who has been identified by the CCTV system as removing assets illegally. “

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