How Our 100 Years of Retail Loss Prevention Experience Can Benefit You

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How to get the best from retail loss prevention today – cut losses, reduce LP costs, save time with top tips 

When you book an Insight Session with Lodge Service at Retail Risk – October 6th 2022 – you will get expert assistance from the UK’s longest-serving LP consultants. Discover what truly works in loss prevention – how we reduce retail losses to organised crime and also security costs with our Lodgic data mining and analysis service.

Venue: Leicester City Football Club, Filbert Way, Leicester, LE2 7FL, King Power Stadium

Find out how to cut stock shrinkage by using automated rule-based protection. How PoS test purchasing provides an unexpected return on investment. Best practices for conducting timely investigations and covert operations, LP staff training, auditing and compliance… and more!

Meet our Lodgic Intelligence Centre team, who manage and deliver a comprehensive range of networked services for loss prevention and profit protection, as well as security and analytical specialists.

Join us to learn more about – 

  • Planning a new loss prevention strategy
  • Options to outsource Profit Protection Services
  • Auditing and system evaluation
  • Mining and analysing data
  • Test Purchasing

Lodge Service: A Century of Partnership with Retailers

Lodge Service security consultants provide a total loss strategy for retailers that combines security technology and experienced personnel to deliver an integrated solution that safeguards and protects your employees and customers, as well as your assets and revenues.

Lodge Service, a security partner to retail groups and independents for 100 years, is a third-generation family business committed to high-quality training and security solutions to ensure consistent security standards.

Loss prevention and people protection, business security systems, keyholding, 24-hour alarm and CCTV monitoring and emergency response, and security staff – contact us for a free quotation.

Book a Free Insight Session

The Insight Workshop is a critical step that retailers and others can take to devise a plan for identifying losses, reducing risks, and increasing profitability while improving the safety and protection of customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

The session is typically hosted at the retailer’s premises. Our Total Loss and Security professionals engage with your senior loss, risk, finance, and operational management as appropriate.

We examine the results with you after the workshop, with additional analysis by our team. So you can plan the next stage in your strategy with complete awareness of the options, pricing, and potential business savings.

The following are the key takeaways from the Insight Workshop:

  1. Prioritise requirements to maximise earnings, avoid losses, and safeguard and secure your business.
  2. A new approach to Total Loss using the ‘Resource to Risk’ model.
  3. Insight into intelligence-driven ‘lean deployment’ of security resources.
  4. An LP analysis of where you are in relation to where you need (and want) to be.
  5. New focus and understanding of earnings, sales, service, and expenses from security.
  6. Review of the people, hardware, software, education, and collaborative solutions issues.
  7. ‘Quick wins’: opportunities to reduce losses and risks right now.

Attendees: we recommend they are from your key stakeholder functions, such as senior operational and executive management teams.

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