Lodge Service Launches New Strategy

By Darren Conway, Group Managing Director of Lodge Service

At Lodge Service, we believe in keeping things simple and getting it right the first time. We have developed an approach that aims to attract, recruit and retain the best people to meet our customers’ current and future security needs.

Our goal is to build and develop high-performing teams with the right skills and knowledge for each project. With this emphasis on people development, we are now launching Eclipse as a local and national recruitment agency for customers who need a reliable and trusted source of security personnel.

To develop a quality service, it is important to create an environment where all staff feel valued and appreciated, and that they feel pride in working for the company and contributing to our mission.

Lodge Service is committed to providing a positive working environment where everyone gains fulfilment from their job role, in the knowledge that they are making a positive contribution to the safety and security of the customer organisation and its stakeholders, as well as the wider community.

New Strategy

A key focus of the strategy is to collaborate with a range of other security providers and key stakeholders, such as crime partnerships, local authorities, enforcement agencies and offender support networks. This will ensure Lodge Service is delivering a service that helps to prevent crime but also rehabilitates those that offend, to help create a safer community.

This collaboration includes actively working with other security providers so Lodge Service can deliver services that may not be in our current portfolio. We are transparent and open about these relationships, managing and taking full responsibility for the successful, safe delivery of security and protection services.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to add to the consortium of trusted partners that share our values, to offer our customers a true one-stop shop for their fire, safety and security needs. One account manager, one bill and one service desk.

Core Divisions

Lodge Service has further extended our UK and European network, working with local partners who are audited and selected based on a proven track record of success. They are fully compliant in their region and have the capability to support our commitment to a quality response service for all our customers’ fire and security needs.

Services include Key Holding Patrol and Response (KPR), to deliver a timely response to both scheduled and unplanned events – such as illegal entry, property damage, theft and assault.

Profit Protection (PP) is a further focus, where we offer a risk-based solution. This ensures proportionate and cost-effective provision, with full compliance with national regulations and each customer’s own internal standards and processes. This includes delivering fire risk assessments and health and safety audits, training and service management, and security risk and threat analysis. 

We provide this support promptly so that a customer’s processes and systems are protected, as well as assets, properties and any building works.

Security Officers

Lodge Service has built an international reputation for our manned guarding, training and support. We continue to focus on developing the capabilities of our officers through specialist training delivered by ex-military, police and industry-specific instructors. Our commitment is to fair pay, with both centrally and locally coordinated support for each officer.

We ensure that every officer is briefed and trained to meet the security and safety needs of the customer’s business and stakeholders within the industry sector. We subcontract only with the express agreement of the customer.

The Lodge Service intelligence centre and control room are directly linked and integrated with approved local, national and international intelligence partners, sharing GDPR-compliant data on criminal activity and security solutions, to reduce the threats to our customers.

Overall, our focus remains to deliver industry-leading security services through a hybrid of people and technology, seamlessly supporting our customers and helping them to meet their commercial and organisational goals.

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