Lodge Service proud partner with the Standing Tall Foundation

Lodge Service is proud to announce its partnership with the Standing Tall Foundation, a charity supporting people with mental health issues, drug addiction, and homelessness.Starting immediately, Lodge Service will be assisting the Foundation in recruiting new business partners and sponsors at fundraising events.

Additionally, Lodge Service will be establishing and running a business club for the Standing Tall Foundation. This club will provide an opportunity for businesses to connect with each other and learn about the amazing work that the Standing Tall Foundation does on a day-to-day basis.Lodge Service is honoured to be working with such a worthwhile cause and we are looking forward to helping the Standing Tall Foundation make even more of a difference in the lives of those they support.

The first business club will be on the 7th of July and will be in St Helens, but we plan to open other clubs in different regions of the uk.

The Standing Tall Foundation promote the mental and physical health of all community groups, through the provision of counselling, addiction support and physical activity initiatives. We further extend this support into the community to help those in financial hardship, including the homeless, via the provision of grants, items and services using the resources secured by the Foundation or those made available to us.

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