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Further to celebration of International Women’s Day here at #Lodge Service we are proud to announce that we have signed up to The Employer’s Initiative on Domestic Abuse (#EIDA), a growing business network that raises awareness and provides resources for employers to play their part in tackling domestic abuse.

The Covid-19 crisis has led to a sharp rise in domestic abuse cases, making it more important than ever for employers to take action and support their staff. #EIDA works with employers to enable implementation of effective internal policies on domestic abuse, as well as providing awareness and signposting to updated resources.

Domestic abuse can take many forms including psychological, physical, sexual, economic and emotional therefore we believe it is important to raise an awareness and to provide support to the victims of domestic abuse.

We acknowledge our duty to protect the health, safety and well-being of all employees at work, including those employees affected by domestic abuse.

Here, at Lodge Service we are committed to support our employees and spread an awareness of the scourge that is domestic abuse, so other employers may also take the required steps in supporting their employees and we are proud to join #EIDA, particularly at a time when pandemic-related restrictions over the last 2 years have seen a rise in domestic abuse globally.

Imagine if every employer made their employees aware of the signs of domestic abuse and how to seek relevant, effective help? That sort of wide-scale, societal impact requires proactive dedication from business leaders, and #EIDA makes this process both straightforward and polished with their guidance and resources.

Lorraine O’Brien, CEO of The Employer’s Initiative on Domestic Abuse, added:
“We are delighted to welcome the Lodge Service team to our network, particularly to expand our network deeper into the Security industry. The role of employers in tackling domestic abuse has become even more apparent during the pandemic and ongoing commitment from local employers provides not only support for their own workforce but adds value to the wider sector aim of stopping domestic abuse in all its forms, once and for all.”

Through awareness generation, building relationships and the sharing of best practices, #Lodge Service and #EIDA are hoping to support a systematic change to the way domestic abuse is handled.

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About the EIDA

The EIDA is a growing network of large and small employers from a wide variety of sectors, working collectively to take action on domestic abuse. With members as high profile and diverse as John Lewis, BBC, Boots, House of Commons and Lloyds, their mission is to work with employers to raise awareness among all of their employees, support those facing domestic abuse, and provide access to services to help perpetrators to change their behaviour and stop. @EIDAorg


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