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We are a premium Nottingham security company with over 100 years of experience

If you’re looking for a trusted security company Nottingham, we can help.

We offer a range of security services to suit your needs and budget. From security guards to concierge service, CCTV installation & monitoring and remote surveillance, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our team is fully trained and vetted with years of experience in the industry – so you know that when it comes to protecting your home or business, they are up to the task. And our prices are competitive too!

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As one of the leading Nottingham Security Companies, our in-depth, flexible security solutions are ideally suited to clients across the city hubs in Nottingham

Our Security services for the Nottingham retail, corporate, transport and warehouse market include:

  • Static and mobile security guards
  • Alarm response and keyholding services
  • SIA(Security Industry Authority) Security guarding
  • 24/7 security guarding
  • SIA Approved Security Guarding & Keyholding
  • Tailored company security services for you

Cutting the Cost of Protection for your Business in Nottingham

Contact us for a FREE audit and analysis to identify opportunities to increase protection and reduce costs when you connect to our Intelligence Centre.

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Retail Security Services in Nottingham

As a leading Nottingham security company, we protect shops and shopping centres with security guards, instore CCTV, EAS and other retail security systems and store detectives to stop shop crime.

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Security Guarding Services in Nottingham

Our experienced SIA (Security Industry Authority) Accredited security guards based in Nottingham are trained to work in retail, commercial and industrial environments to protect people and assets.

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Warehouses, Transport and Logistics Security in Nottingham

Lodge Service ensures 24 7 mobile security protection for businesses and unoccupied premises, with mobile alarm response and keyholding service.

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Corporate Security Nottingham

Corporate protection and concierge security services for visitor control and premises patrols. Also, 24/7 monitoring and alarm response key holding support.

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Mobile Security Patrols in Nottingham

Protect your logistics, warehouse & distribution and reduce costs, from the warehouse to store delivery. Reduce costs, increase security with DCD, Driver Controlled Delivery.

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Construction Security in Nottingham

Security services for construction sites – day and night, 24/7 – from tools and materials theft, criminal damage and other losses and business disruption.


Security Control Room

Our Security Control Room is 100% Dedicated to your business which deserve the best protection. That’s why we provide; round-the-clock monitoring for every site, system, security guard and individual in our charge.

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CCTV Systems and Installation in Nottingham

Through Lodge Service Technical, the security technology protection division of Lodge Service, we deliver a full NSI-approved CCTV installation, monitoring, response and maintenance service for residential and commercial clients – with the added benefit of centralised, cost-saving monitoring using our security control room.

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Alarm Systems and Installs in Nottingham

Lodge Service Technical is a security technology and protection division of Lodge Service, offering residential and commercial clients a full-service alarm installation, monitoring, response and maintenance package.

Looking for a reliable trusted Security Company in Nottingham – Over 100 Years of private security experience

Lodge Service is the longest-serving independent security company in the UK. We have learned a lot since 1919 and you can benefit from our unrivalled experience.

Whether you are a business owner, property director or premises or security manager, our support enables people in all business sectors to protect people and property and ‘design out crime’.

The range of security and property management services delivered in London and nationwide include:


The service gives you the reassurance of intelligent central monitoring, control and planning for security and property management services. It provides asset protection and reduces cost and risk for an assured return on your investment.

  • CCTV and alarm monitoring
  • Post-incident verification
  • Incident management systems
  • 24/7 BMS (Building Management Services)
  • Vehicle tracking and Lone Worker Support
  • Technology Integration of security and FM systems
  • Business data analysis
  • 24-hour support and security response

Connect to the Lodge Intelligence Centre


Lodge Service offers wireless connectivity for your onsite CCTV, alarm and security systems to our advanced Intelligence Centre. You get 24-7 central monitoring, control and planning, to protect your staff, visitors and assets through a secure internet connection.



Whether you have a security system that you want to have monitored 24/7, or you want to install CCTV, intruder alarms, EAS or other systems, Lodge Service can help. We will ensure a prompt, clean installation to meet your budget needs.


It starts with a professional site inspection and analysis to identify with you areas of potential risk for the organisation. Whether this is from threats to staff, internal fraud, theft and break-ins, criminal damage or other causes. The service includes perimeter protection, safe car parks and premises design and layout.


How can I protect my Nottingham retail store from crime?

From experience, it is best to start with a security survey. Lodge Service can provide a detailed assessment of your security needs. An experienced member of our team will visit your premises and identify any areas of vulnerability. The security specialist will ask you about your use of the premises, in addition to questions on such issues as storage of high-value items and also access to the premises during the course of the day and night.

Lodge service can also advise on security measures within the premises according to use – such as areas where there is high footfall, in public areas accessible to visitors and members of the public.

How can I protect my Nottingham retail store from crime?

From experience, it is best to start with a security survey. Lodge Service can provide a detailed assessment of your security needs. An experienced member of our team will visit your premises and identify any areas of vulnerability. The security specialist will ask you about your use of the premises, in addition to questions on such issues as storage of high-value items and also access to the premises during the course of the day and night.

Lodge service can also advise on security measures within the premises according to use – such as areas where there is high footfall, in public areas accessible to visitors and members of the public.

How can I protect our Nottingham store staff from violent attacks?

Unfortunately, attacks on retail staff are on the increase. However, there are measures that can be taken to reduce the probability of violent assault and to mitigate risk through suitable security provisions for your premises.

The principal measure is to ensure that security is visible so that anyone with criminal intent knows that they are visible and risk being apprehended if they enter your premises or perimeter. That means that warning messages, CCTV cameras and viewing screens should be made visible to visitors to your premises. Also, there should be good management of entry and exit control points, as criminals want to be assured of a fast exit.

Lodge Service can provide security officers to monitor the entrance and exit and also provide protection by patrolling the perimeter or interior of your premises. The presence of a security officer is a major deterrent and criminals usually avoid these locations. Security officers can be provided to patrol premises at specific times of day, such as when there is maximum footfall or if there is a record of criminal activity at particular times of the day or days in the week.

How many CCTV cameras do I need at my Nottingham business?

The number of CCTV, Closed Circuit Television, cameras can be determined by a survey of your premises to establish areas of vulnerability and provide for the protection of entry and exit points. The Lodge Service team will be able to advise you on suitable security precautions. It is important that CCTV should be monitored, either remotely or by staff in-store to identify and confirm any criminal activity, so that police can be alerted or a security officer or team can be dispatched where there is an incident.

Do I need an alarm system in Nottingham business?

The answer to this is usually that you do, if you are engaged in any commercial activity, particularly if you hold office equipment, stock or other items of value. The alarm system can include a bell or siren or another mechanism to alert your staff on-site as well as members of the public in the vicinity. It can be also linked to our monitoring centre, where we can provide 24/7 surveillance management of the system. When an alarm sounds, the monitoring team can check the CCTV system to identify if it is a false alarm or whether criminal activity has taken place, and then alert one of your managers or the company owner and if necessary alert the police.

Is Nottingham a high-risk city for burglary and other crimes?

Yes, Nottingham does have high levels of crime and criminality, although this does seem to be confined to specific areas within the city. There is a risk of burglary and other forms of theft, as well as criminal damage and physical assault. To ensure that you and your staff are protected we would advise a security survey to establish the risks and specific points of vulnerability.

Can CCTV and alarm systems reduce insurance costs in Nottingham?

Yes, almost always you will see a reduction in your insurance costs when you install CCTV and an alarm system. if you instal security part way through your current annual insurance policy, then we recommend you alert your insurers and notify them that you have upgraded the security of the premises.

How can I get 24-7 security system monitoring in Nottingham?

Lodge Service provides 24/7 security system monitoring from its intelligence centre & security control room. At the centre, the security team can monitor CCTV and your alarm system. In the event of an alarm, the team will contact the premises owner or manager, and the police as necessary. Professional monitoring can help to minimise false alarms and ensure a fast response to an incident.

Are Lodge Service alarms connected to the Nottingham Police?

Alarm systems cannot be directly connected to the police. However, specially trained security controllers in alarm receiving centres, ARCs, can confirm activations and are authorised to then notify the police, for the police to then visit the alarm site.

When a monitored alarm is triggered, the intelligence centre is immediately notified. If a second detector is triggered from the same alarm system this is known as a confirmed activation, after which the controllers at the centre can notify the police. They will then respond to the burglar alarm activation. The nominated key holders for the premises will also be notified – keyholding is a service that Lodge Service can provide.

The police consider that attending false alarms can be a drain on their resources. For this reason, the police reserve the right to withdraw burglar alarm response if they receive a number of false alarm call-outs from the same premises.

The police response is on three levels of classification:

Level 1 – this is the full police response to a confirmed alarm alert. in the event of the activation of the alarm system.

Level 2 – the police will respond only if resources are available, most police areas no longer offer this level of response, instead moving from Level 1 to Level 3.

Level 3 – this is the lowest level of response, where the police will only respond if a member of the public calls the police to alert them to a crime. This is the level of response that all buildings receive, regardless of the security provisions.

Monitored alarms are downgraded to a Level 3 response if the police are called to three false alarm incidents in the space of 12 months. An alarm system will then remain at Level 3 for three months, when the system can be restored to Level 1 classification if it has been updated.

Does the Intelligence Centre call 999 for a response?

No, the intelligence Centre has a direct link to the local police force control room. Lodge Service will quote the alarm type and a unique reference number, which matches a record of your property details on the police command and control system. This is a particular benefit of a Lodge Service installed security system, which is not available for example from a security app-controlled system.

What security services does Lodge Service offer?

A range of key holding services, to visit your premises at any time in the event of a security incident. As one of the leading security companies in Nottingham, Lodge Service can despatch mobile security patrols for 24/7 alarm response, and also provide comprehensive manned guarding services.

There is security for building and construction sites, retail premises, logistics, warehouses, schools, universities and other educational establishments and other locations, with static guards and other security guards services, using only licensed security guards.

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SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key-Holding.

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Lodge Security Limited is a Safe Contractor accredited supplier

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Lodge Service is an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold accredited organisation for Guarding, Keyholding and Technical services.

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Lodge Security Limited achieved a score in the top 1% for the SIA ACS approval