Safety and Security, Post Lockdown 3 – We’re ready, are you?

With retail stores coming out of lockdown, the high street is busy and the atmosphere is positive. Judging by the queues reported at some stores, it’s a good time to assess your business’s security and whether it meets COVID safety rules, protecting staff and customers during the return to trade. Lodge Service has been hard at work over the last year, honing safety techniques, training security officers and introducing new COVID audits.

Here are Lodge’s top tips on staying safe as the UK starts to reopen:

Get a PPE strategy

Since the 24th July 2020, everyone in the UK has been required to where a face mask, unless they are under 11, suffer from a disability or meet the list of exemptions. The UK has not been without opposition to this, and despite the legality of the order, some patrons have resisted. CCTV Facemask detection software is an easy way to monitor and track those not adhering to rules; at Lodge Service, information is sent back to our Intelligence Centre, who in turn alert the instore mobile security teams. Security officers should be trained on the best response to facemask compliance and when to ask for exemption documents, so that any resistance can be met with the right approach and discretion.

As well as monitoring customer facemasks, PPE is an essential part of staff uniform and a key requirement for businesses reopening. Lodge security officers are provided with their own PPE equipment that meets safety requirements.

Consider how your premises maintain Social Distancing

The long queues photographed outside some well-known retail chains show the importance of access control and management of store capacity. It’s important to assess your company’s premises to gauge how many customers can reasonably fit, while maintaining social distancing requirements. Some stores have opted for a sign in the window, while others prefer a green light system – the most affective security system, however, is a visible security officer, who will not only deter patrons from breaking rules, but can also monitor numbers. A change in attitude towards security measures suggests that shoppers have more trust in stores that are visually supervising security and safety. Consider adding dedicated security guards to entrances who have experience and training in Coronavirus security.

Prepare for additional Security Training

There will always be some who do not adhere to the rules, whether it is by not wearing a mask, cutting queues, or causing antisocial behavior. Business risks are high and crime threats are ever-changing, so it is important that security teams have a continual training programme. Lodge Service have experience working in large retail chains as well as small, independent businesses, throughout the pandemic. Lodge’s SIA-licensed teams have been trained on where potential risks could arise due to the surge in shoppers as stores reopen, and understand the changeability of COVID rules. Every company is unique and a different, tailored approach is needed for each premises – Lodge Service’s experience means their teams are adaptable to new environments and security measures.

Use tailored COVID Security Services

Due to demand, Lodge Service announced tailored security services to aid businesses during the pandemic, including thermal imaging, fever screening, remote monitoring, risk assessments and rule compliance. Specialised teams will assess potential threats and guide you on the best course of action, considering building entry and exit, as well as storage handling and staff safety. Lodge Service also conduct COVID-19 Secure Assurance Audits, so that businesses can identify non-compliance to safety rules.

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