Understanding the Different Types of Security Systems & Their Uses

When business owners think about business security systems, they don’t recognise the various options on the table. It’s easy to assume that security system installations revolve around CCTV cameras and alarm systems. In reality, these are just two of the many types of security systems you can call upon. 

In this blog, we’ll go over the different types of security technology available – and how your company can use them. This includes some ideas you may have heard of before, along with modern innovations that will take security to new levels. 

Security Control Rooms

Commercial security control rooms are what most people think about when business security systems are mentioned. This involves a system composed of CCTV cameras and alarms, all of which are monitored from a control room

The room itself can be on-site as part of your premises or operated remotely by a security team. It’s used to survey businesses and watch for suspicious behaviour, while also being a useful tool to catch criminals after crimes have been committed. Effectively, you’re able to see what’s happening throughout your business premises. 

Moreover, security control rooms have advanced thanks to the latest innovations and technologies at our disposal. Gone are the days of boring CCTV cameras with grainy images. Now, everything is clear and in HD, with AI technology integrated to take your security installation to the next level. AI cameras can count the number of people in a room or map certain individuals pathing throughout a store. It helps with security, but can also provide useful data from a marketing perspective. 

IP CCTV Systems

Traditional CCTV systems use an analogue system where digital video recorders are used to capture and store images. It’s an okay approach, but IP CCTV systems are far more advanced and beneficial. 

IP stands for “internet protocol” which means the cameras connect to the internet to store and broadcast images. In turn, this means you get much clearer videos with better zoom as well. All of the captured data is encrypted and secured, so it’s harder for people to steal as well. Gone are the days of someone breaking into your security room and removing a single videotape full of crucial CCTV footage. 

Of course, all of the data is stored in the cloud, which makes it accessible from anywhere. It’s a far more convenient and secure way of monitoring your business. You can keep track of live feeds even when you’re at home. 

Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition software is one of the greatest innovations in security technology. It takes CCTV cameras to the next level by using software that matches human faces to a database. This technology was first used by law enforcement agencies and governments to track fleeing criminals. Nowadays it is used on-site in many businesses as a way of identifying any possible threats. 

For example, the software can identify a group of people who just entered your store with criminal records for theft. This information is instantly passed to your on-site security team who can watch them closely. It’s a great way of deterring potential threats to your business, but can also be used to track down thieves if your premises is ever broken into. 

Access Control

Access control should be a focal point of all modern business security systems. It’s a fantastic way of controlling and tracking who enters or exits your building. Typically used in offices, an access control system requires individuals to present something that grants them access.

Traditionally, this was a simple pin-code to open an access-controlled door lock. As technology advanced, we started seeing cards or fobs used to open access control points. These days, you can even find systems that use biometric scanning – like fingerprint readers or facial recognition software. If you want to stop people from entering your building, this is the best way to do so. It ensures the only people being allowed in are those who have been granted access. 

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Any business with parking should install ANPR to keep track of all vehicles coming and going. These systems were clunky when first introduced, but modern innovations have made them far smarter and more efficient. It’s now easier than ever for ANPR systems to detect number plates and match them in a database, letting you know exactly who is driving the car. 

This is highly useful in situations when people don’t pay for parking or abuse your parking rules – for instance, they park there for more than the allotted time. It’s also handy when tracking criminals that may attempt to rob your business and flee in a car. ANPR detects the number plate, which then makes it easy to track the car. 

Business Alarm Systems

Having a reliable intruder alarm is critical if you want to stop intrusions. The presence of a business alarm system should ward off any potential burglars, but it can also signal an intrusion the moment one happens. This lets you respond ASAP to minimise any damages. 

Modern technology makes alarms more advanced than ever before. The alarm systems we install can be connected to Transpeye, which is a software system that assesses risks in your business. With advanced AI and video analytics, the system detects how severe a risk is when an alarm is tripped, deciding what response is necessary. This means in cases when you or an employee may accidentally set off an alarm, the security services aren’t called in. Alongside this, the latest business alarm systems are more responsive and effective than they’ve ever been. You can also control alarms or pair them with apps on your phone to continuously monitor your premises. 

As you can see, there are lots of business security systems to be aware of these days. Each one has its own use – and certain systems might be better suited to some business areas than others. Business owners should always prioritise security system installations to ensure their company is well protected. Ideally, you need to focus on maximising the latest innovations and technologies. Modern security technology takes traditional systems and makes them far more effective and efficient. An old-school CCTV system is borderline useless compared to a new one featuring facial detection, AI capabilities and HD video streams. 

The first step is identifying which systems and installations are the best for your business. If you need help with this, we are more than happy to assist you. Get in touch with our team today and we’ll discuss all of your requirements.

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