Understanding the Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Retail Security

Everyone knows that a business cannot operate properly without solid security to back it up. While you may hope that you would never need your retail security, it’s there to give you peace of mind and inspire trust in your customers. Your business is protected, your assets are protected, and your team are protected. It’s something that every business should take seriously, but the question comes down to whether or not that’s something that should be outsourced or not.

You’ll find that there are pros and cons to having your own security team, just as there are to outsourcing a retail security company. What it comes down to is what you need for your business right now, and what kind of resources you have to work with.

Outsourcing retail security

No matter what part of your business you’re thinking of outsourcing, you need to make sure you decide on the best company possible. In this case, your retail security is going to be the only thing preventing your business from being stolen from or potentially even vandalized. So if you’re going to outsource, you need a retail security company with experience.

There are many benefits that can come with outsourcing security to another company, but there are some drawbacks that you might not find favourable for your business. With that said, some businesses don’t have the choice – as it may come down to circumstance and demand at the moment.

The pros of outsourcing retail security

Services immediately available

No matter the size of your business, your security needs to match that of your needs. If you start trying to recruit your own security team right now – it can take time to get it all to put together, and then that team may have varying levels of experience. You don’t have time to wait on a new security team, and outsourcing can mean you have immediate access to all of the personnel you could need. There’s no waiting around, especially if you have your pick of security companies.

Reputation guaranteed

If you’re in a rush when hiring your own team, you might have a hard time getting the perfect people for the job. There’s no guarantee that comes with each applicant, so you never know what you might get. However, when you outsource, you have the reputation of that business to go from. You can pick and choose which business is right for you, meaning that you’re much more likely to get a service that matches your needs.

Experience can go a long way when it comes to security, so it’s something you may be actively looking for in your security personnel. It’s much easier to find that experience with companies that have been long established.

Possibly more cost-effective

There’s a lot that goes into hiring and training, and it might not be worth it if you’re not going to get the services an outsourced company could offer you. When it comes to implementing your own retail security systems, it might be more expensive than outsourcing to a company that already has things under control. When you outsource, you could be saving money. On top of that, some retail security companies will have multiple options when it comes to their services.

You should also consider that you don’t need to invest in any of the necessary equipment that comes with running tight security. This kind of investment can set a small business back significantly.

The cons of outsourcing retail security

Difficulty integration

You’re outsourcing to a company that’s not a part of your business, which can make it difficult to properly manage everyone. It can take time to get everyone you outsource up to speed on how things need to be done, and what you’re expecting of them. If their role as security requires knowledge of the products and services that your business is offering, this may be a little more difficult to convey than someone you’ve trained for the role.

Security is out of your hands

Everyone has a way they like to do things, and when it comes to how your business handles things – you may not be able to apply that to your security. Personal or sensitive information may need to be held externally, putting you at potential risk if the company you were outsourcing became a victim of theft or cybercrime. While unlikely, you have less control over how things are handled under your business.

Putting your trust in another company

Security is often trusted with the most sensitive information and the vulnerabilities of a business. If you’re unable to trust others with this information, then you might find it difficult to outsource a security team to help you out. Remember, you’re handing over a portion of the control of your business to a third party, which some business owners would see as a big deal. Of course, trust can be built over time – but that’s not something you’ll have at the start.

Even with a strong reputation, it can take time before you learn to rely on another company to keep your business protected. 

In conclusion

If your business has the funds and the time it takes to recruit your own security team, outsourcing might not be for you. However, outsourced security teams may be able to outperform in-house retail security teams due to prior experience and synergy that’s already been established. On top of that, there’s a lot less pressure on your business, as you don’t have to micromanage each and every employee.

With that said, you could consider outsourcing a retail security company in the meantime until you had the resources and time to create your own security systems that work better for your business. As your business grows, your needs for security may change, and external companies may not be able to keep up with that – or you may find it more favourable to handle everything under your business.

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