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According to the British Retail Consortium 2020 Retail crime survey*, business losses due to criminal activity are on the way up, with the cost of crime reaching £2.2bn. Security services are becoming more essential in retail to help eradicate staff abuse, target shoplifters, prevent damage to property or comply with the changing safety rules regarding Covid-19.

Working with a security company that can provide a cohesive solution to your needs can greatly reduce the cost of spending and ensure safety in the workplace, for staff and stock. But what do you need to look out for when choosing a security company?


Whether you are just setting up or are choosing a new security company, the setup, cost negotiation and training of staff can be time consuming. It is therefore important to select a company that has the flexibility to on-board guards quickly when you give the go ahead. Experience is key in laying out an organised and reasoned plan of action.

There are also occasions when last-minute or additional security services are needed, so a company that can meet flexible requirements with minimal disruption to usual service, clear costings and enough resources is ideal.

Qualified and Insured

It is essential that the personnel a security company sends to your business are properly trained, qualified and insured, whether a security team member is representing your business, holding your keys or patrolling your premises. An SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence is compulsory within the security industry and assures you that the guards are skilled in their role and trustworthy. It is important that security companies can guarantee all personnel have SIA licences, and can presented you with their badge upon request.

NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Guarding Gold is an additional award a security company can hold, and denotes a recognised business in the security and fire industry. Businesses that hold this award have undertaken an extensive audit to assure their clients of high-standards and proficiency within the industry.

Rapid Response Time

If there is a problem at your premises, you want to be assured that the security team is on hand as soon as possible to deal with incidents. 24/7 CCTV coverage of your property is imperative in preventing and responding to threats, and qualified guards need to be available immediately when there is an emergency. Choosing a security company with a variety of services, including manned guards, CCTV monitoring and real-time reporting, means that rapid action can be taken to incidents, without the need to employ third parties. It is this multi-channel response that will offer a solution to your needs.

Resource to Risk Approach

To ensure that risks are dealt with quickly and economically, a company needs to utilise and maximise its resources. Expert management teams that are committed to providing a security solution should be able to use advancing technologies effectively and deploy officers as and when they are needed. The security company should present you with a competent plan of action and back this up with logical reasoning.


Long-standing security companies are more likely to deliver a reliable and consistently high-quality service, which is particularly important during the events of 2020 and the retail industry’s Covid-19 response. Longevity within the security sector demonstrates a company’s adaptability to the ever-changing economic climate and advances in technology. With a large client base built on reputation and long-term relationships, Lodge Service UK has over 100 years of experience in guarding, loss prevention, and many more security services. Lodge Service understands how to tailor its security offering to individual client needs, so that the correct services for your business can be utilised.

Lodge Service is the UK’s longest standing security company, specialising in manned guarding, profit protection, patrol response & keyholding, test purchasing and alarm installation and maintenance.

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