Data Mining With Video

An All in One Loss Prevention and Risk Management Solution

We integrate and combine with traditional security-based devices and the very latest in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, to reduce malicious and compliance-based loss via dynamic rule-based analytics to effectively and efficiently reveal the risks within your business.

Loss prevention and risk management is hard, time-consuming work. You need to analyse data and video footage to identify moments of risk or loss, but this can take a long time and be costly using traditional resource & manpower.

Transpeye’s A-EYE™ technology enables a more efficient approach so the systems do all the hard work for you. Allowing you to spend time being pro-active and taking action.

Our all-in-one cloud platform integrates and combines with your systems to provide the ultimate solution for loss prevention and risk leaders. With our Transpeye solution, you can highlight moments of risk or loss quickly and easily, whether malicious or compliance-based reducing losses and maximising profits.

Device integration and solutions includes: –


EPOS(Till Fraud) | Alarms | Doors | Access control | Smart shelves | CCTV | EAS | Video Analytics |Theft detection | Scan avoidance | Availability | Face recognition | Smart CCTV

Key Features

Our A EYE™ Policy based exceptions reporting and real time alerting so you can ask the right questions of your data and video.

Integration with CCTV systems for so you can get visual verification on your multiple source data.

Simple, powerful video/data analytics for dashboard drill downs & reporting, so you can easily identify trends and exceptions.

Modern and secure cloud platform for simple deployment and scalability. Or as we call it A-EYE™ in the Sky

Aggregate your solutions into one system which provides you will a holistic view of your business risks.

How Can We Help

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