Health & Safety


We are an occupational health and safety company, with over 20 years in the industry. We assist various businesses and schools in complying with the government gazetted COVID 19 regulations and directive from the department of labour.

“Whether the client is a supermarket, fashion retailer, department store, food outlet or independent, our integrated solutions help to optimise ROI.”

We provide the following services:

retail security services


  • Development of a full COVID 19 Health and Safety File
  • We provide a Health and Safety Officer who will conduct a full risk assessment of your premises and procedures
  • We provide COVID 19 regulation based training to your management team and employees
  • We provide a COVID 19 Event Officer who will conduct screening of all people entering your premises. The officer is equipped with a full screening kit

Our services serve three purposes in your workplace:

retail security services


  • It limits the risk and spread of COVID 19 in your premises
  • Builds a sense of safety awareness and assurance for the employees, students and visitors. It demonstrates that managemen has prioritized their safety
  • It helps with providing compliance proof to the authorities, in the events of a compliance investigation or if spot checks are being conducted

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