How to choose a good security guard company in South Africa


Statistics show that commercial crimes are on the increase in South Africa (source). Common examples of crimes include theft, burglary and vandalism. 

For business owners and security managers, it’s essential to find a good security company. Effective security can lower the risk of criminal damage and theft, reduce the risk of financial losses and reputational damage and prevent disruption. 

How to choose a good security company

It’s natural to want to protect your business. In an ideal world, company directors wouldn’t have to spend money on security, but there are risks and every business can be a target. To find the best security guard company, here are some steps to take:

  • Explore services: not all security companies are the same and some may offer different services from others. If you have specific requirements, for example, you’re looking for manned guarding, or 24/7 security, focus on firms that provide these options. It’s hugely beneficial to look for companies that tailor packages to suit individual clients. 
  • Read reviews and testimonials: over 90% of us now check reviews before we buy products or contact companies that provide services. If you are looking for a security firm, read client testimonials and verified reviews to get an insight into how the business works, which services it offers and how customers rate the business. 
  • Meet with representatives: reading web pages is helpful, but it’s best to try to meet with representatives if you can. You could also schedule a call. A consultation will allow you to discuss your needs and preferences, talk about costs and budgets and learn more about the company and what makes it different from others. 
  • Reputation and track record: when you are searching for a security guard firm, it’s crucial to focus on reputable, trustworthy companies that have an excellent track record, industry experience and expertise and all the relevant permits and licences. 
  • Return on investment: every business owner wants to maximise their return on investment. Look for a security firm that will work with you to achieve more for less. Security experts should offer tailored advice based on your requirements to provide the most comprehensive service at the best price. 
  • Consider your needs: businesses of all scales, sizes and types need protection. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to security and it’s important to consider your needs. There is a vast range of services available, including manned guarding, mobile and static security guard patrols, vehicle solutions, alarm response and keyholding. Select services that are relevant to your business. 


Every business could be a target, and this is why enhanced security is essential. If you have recently launched a new business, or you’re looking for comprehensive, robust protection for your premises, it’s critical to find the best security company. Consider your requirements, explore different service options and read reviews and testimonials. Meet with company representatives to learn more about the history of the firm and its track record and look for a company that will work with you to maximise return on investment. 


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