Distribution & Warehouse Security

Protecting Warehouses, Transport and Logistics chains in South Africa

Lodge Security South Africa can assist you with our distribution and warehouse security services if you want to safeguard your retail or industrial logistics chain, transport network, or processing systems. This includes hauliers, rail and public transportation authorities, and other organizations.

Lodge Security has over a century of security expertise and has worked with logistics and IT teams to guarantee the safety and security of their personnel, goods, vehicles, buildings, and other assets. A thorough security plan protects your people and operations from danger such as criminal destruction and stock loss, both of which can cause significant downtime for a busy firm.

We collaborate with internet-based retail operations and just-in-time manufacturing and supply companies. Lodge Security finds risk and vulnerability in the supply chain, from storage to despatch to receipt before unloading and delivery to the shop floor.

Lodge Security South Africa is a trusted partner to retail, corporate, transport and warehouse operators, supplying key security services:-

security guarding london  Site review and risk analysis
security guarding london  Customer static protection and mobile response 24/7
security guarding london  Alarm monitoring and response
security guarding london  CCTV Operation
security guarding london  Keyholding services
security guarding london  Security Officers and manned guarding
security guarding london  CCTV and alarm installation

Warehouse Security and Protection 

security guarding london

Lodge Security South Africa can help you to protect your warehousing, retail premises and other commercial areas to ensure safe and secure storage of goods, as well as site entry and exit points. This includes controlled access to public and ‘staff only’ areas, and secure storage. We will help you set up systems to supervise levels of permitted access and movement recording systems, to monitor the movement of goods and other assets on site and their onward transportation.

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Our support includes help with securing key areas on each estate with CCTV and physical security measures, appropriate to the level of threat and the volume of activity. The goal is to ensure that your team can go about their daily activities with the least possible constraints and restrictions, whilst ensuring a suitable level of monitoring and security. We will help you set up routines and processes on site, security rotas and reporting systems – all that is necessary to monitor and manage a busy workplace.

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Transport Security and Protection

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Vans and trucks, buses and articulated vehicles, forklift trucks and other industrial equipment: we can help you protect all your valuable assets to counter the risk of theft and criminal damage.

Lodge Security South Africa can secure depots and vehicle parks, to control access and ensure 24-7 monitoring via CCTV and two-way communications systems. We carry out full risk assessments and can train your staff in all relevant security routines and protocols.

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Support includes railway stock and infrastructure, platforms and equipment. Railway cabling and electrical systems can be a major target for theft and criminal damage. We are able to advise on protective measures, including additional physical security as well as CCTV monitoring of installations.

Lodge Service installs IP cameras and CCTV systems to enable the protection of remote and hard to access electrical and other services installations. CCTV monitoring over the internet can support rail networks, including platforms and passenger areas, railyards and depots.

Other transport systems we protect include airports and their on-site facilities, including franchise and concessions: food and beverage, retail and catering, hospitality and hotel accommodation.

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Logistics Security and Protection

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Retail distribution systems and industrial logistics are perhaps most vulnerable when goods are in transit, including at the point of arrival. Articulated vehicles and other trucks may be scheduled to arrive overnight or otherwise out of hours to enable timely restocking of warehouse facilities and minimise disruption to daytime operations.

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Lodge Security has developed a range of services to support secure, cost-effective out of hours deliveries. This includes DCD, Driver Controlled Deliveries, which enable a single driver to safely transport goods to retail and other destinations.


Vehicles are equipped with a geopositioning tracking device as well as two-way communication so that the driver can remain in touch with the Lodge Service intelligence centre at all times when goods are in transit, 24-7. Upon arrival at a depot or retail premises, the driver can request the intelligence centre to remotely unlock the goods-in area.

The Lodge security manager can make a visual check via the CCTV channel to ensure the goods-in area is clear and secure, and then remotely unlock the premises, so that the driver can complete the delivery. The unloading process is then monitored by the intelligence centre.

Drivers can be further equipped with personal cameras, personal alarms and fall detector devices, to alert the intelligence centre to a potential security incident.

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Your Trusted Security Partner – Over 100 Years’ Experience

Lodge Security is one of the top security companies in South Africa, the UK and across Europe. We have an unrivalled experience since our formation and you can benefit from this today.

Business owners, property directors, and premises and security managers all look to us for support to protect their people and property, to design out crime.

The range of security and property management services delivered in South Africa are:

  • CCTV and alarm monitoring
  • Post-incident verification
  • Incident management systems
  • 24/7 BMS (Building Management Services)
  • Vehicle tracking and Lone Worker Support
  • Technology Integration of security and FM systems
  • Business data analysis
  • 24-hour support and security response

The service is based on our Intelligence Centre and security control room. From here we plan and control security and property management services. This provides asset protection and reduces cost and risk for an assured return on your investment.

Connect to the Lodge Intelligence Centre


Lodge Security offers wireless connectivity for your onsite CCTV, alarm and security systems to our advanced Intelligence Centre. You get 24-7 central monitoring, control and planning, to protect your staff, visitors and assets through a secure internet connection.



Whether you have a security system that you want to have monitored 24/7, or you want to install CCTV, intruder alarms, EAS or other systems, Lodge Security can help. We will ensure a prompt, clean installation to meet your budget needs.


It starts with a professional site inspection and analysis to identify with you areas of potential risk for the organisation. Whether this is from threats to staff, internal fraud, theft and break-ins, criminal damage or other causes. The service includes perimeter protection, safe car parks and premises design and layout.

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Our experienced team will help you to assess the risks and threats to your property and people and confirm the opportunities for trouble-free installation and a cost-effective solution. Protection can cost less than you think.

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