Security Officers

For Your Safety

In South Africa, many crimes are committed with the assistance of someone trusted by the victim. This could either be an employee, ex-employee or contractor working at your premises who has knowledge of the property.

Would you feel comfortable knowing that the Security Officer protecting your property, assets, family or staff is either a criminal, illegal immigrant, casual worker or is not formally registered and trained as a Security Officer?

Make sure when you hire a security company that their employees, who will be looking after you, have the credentials to be there in the first place and don’t be caught unprepared by the very people you need to trust, when you need them the most.

At Lodge Security

  1. All our Security Officers are South African citizens.
  2. All our Security Officers are permanently employed (no casuals).
  3. All our Security Officers are financially and criminally scanned before employment.
  4. All our Security Officers undergo polygraph tests every six months.
  5. All our Security Officers are rotated regularly to ensure your safety and security.
  6. All our Security Officers are Psira registered.
  7. All our Security Officers are specifically trained for each assigned position.
  8. All our Security Officers are numeracy and literacy tested.

Our highly trained uniformed Security Officers service retail, manufacturing, distribution, corporate and residential clients. Our security teams are managed through a robust nationwide control room, providing security solutions for your specific needs.

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