What type of companies need security guards?

Knowing which businesses most commonly require the services of security guards is vital. Whether you are a business owner looking to protect your assets, or a security manager aiming to maximise your clients. The good news is that you can read about the most common types of organisations that can benefit from security provision, below.

Gated and residential communities 

No one wants to feel unsafe in their own home or neighbourhood, yet residential communities of all kinds can be vulnerable to crimes such as burglary, theft and vandalism among others. The good news is that by employing the services of a security company you can minimise the risk of residential crime. 

A security team can provide a range of services to help secure properties, and neighbourhoods, as well as deter criminal activity. In particular, supervising the entrance to a property or communing can help limit any unwanted visitors, protecting both the members of that community as well as their property. 

Using a security service also helps to make sure that those living in the community feel safe and are happier with their living conditions, something they have often paid a premium for and therefore expect.  

Hospitals and medical facilities 

There are two critical issues that security guards can help with within hospitals and medical facilities. The first is the protection of patients and staff, the former being particularly vulnerable during treatment. Indeed, some wards such as Maternity may need additional security provisions to ensure all staff and patients remain safe. 

The other aspect of security that manned guarding can help with is the theft and vandalism medical facilities often experience. Medical equipment and supplies are expensive, and they often include controlled substances which have a significant value on the black market, something that makes hospitals a common target for criminal activity. However, by making sure there is a visible security presence, the instance of these types of crimes can be minimised. 

Retail Stores

A building full of brand new products ripe for the picking is a criminal’s dream, which makes retail stores one of the most vulnerable types of business when it comes to crime. In particular, retail stores tend to experience issues like shoplifting when the store is open and breaking and entering with theft overnight. 

Fortunately, the services of a security guard will help to deter such activity, and in some cases, even help to catch the perpetrator in the act, and so help secure a conviction.    

Office Buildings

Imagine a building packed with the latest technology, petty cash, and mobile devices that are left unattended for at least 12 hours a day. This is the situation with most office buildings and as such, they can prove tempting targets for those looking to make a quick and less than legal profit. Happily, with a security guard in place, the likelihood of break-ins, and the reaction time if they do occur is much smaller. 

Additionally, office buildings house employees and valuable personal customer data, both of which a business has a duty to protect. Indeed, by using the services of a security firm to prevent access to unauthorised visitors, you safeguard not only your staff and the personal data of your customers but also your business’s public reputation.


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