Event Fencing

Event Fencing

Lodge Event Fencing offers event protection fencing solutions, no matter how big or small or the location. Whether you need fencing for ticketing or crowd control purposes, Lodge Security can provide cost-effective event security solutions to meet your needs – including for festivals, football, rugby, cricket, music and other entertainment events.

Three important factors set the services provided by Lodge Event Guarding apart from its competitors:

  1. Hands-on management
  2. Pro-active client interaction
  3. High quality, well paid, motivated guards

Before visitors can enjoy your event and what your venue has to offer, they must arrive there safely, and we help you to meet your responsibilities in ensuring that the whole event runs smoothly, without incident, and that other members of the public are not unnecessarily affected.

Our event fencing solutions, along with expert advice from our highly trained security advisors, will make sure visitors are guided to where they need to be and that you can keep unwanted intruders away.

Event fencing security options include steel fencing, picket fences, cones and road closure boards and can be used to provide protection for days, weeks, or longer. Ideal for maintaining safety and security at and around the event venues, limiting disturbances and providing good accessibility to emergency services.

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