Technology Security Solutions

Technology Security Solutions

The technology product you install is as secure and safe as your cyber security and our expertise of protection, whether it’s Chinese, South Korean, British, or American. From the perspective of an end user, we want you to concentrate on what you require from a system rather than worrying about its dependability and security features.

We’ll always be honest and suggest what we believe is best for your needs based on over a century of security industry excellence, even if it’s something we don’t get kick-backs for or integrate with our own platforms.


Control room design and installation

We have extensive knowledge of design, deployment, and maintenance of control rooms, CCTV monitoring stations, and dedicated ARC’s (Alarm Receiving Centres) – We’re delighted to assist your internal development from the planning stage and can provide a comprehensive installation and manpower solution to maximize the financial benefits of security systems in your property.


Connected to Transpeye, we can offer a truly “smart EAS” solution, bringing video alongside all EAS alerts for remote monitoring and reporting. We also provide a full range of tags and labels, as well as bespoke product protection solutions that may be designed from the ground up in collaboration with the client.

Facial detection and recognition

Facial detection and recognition systems is a technology that may be used to compare a human face from a digital image or video frame to a database of faces, typically used to identify potential offenders to safety or theft. AI technology is at the forefront of this, and it will help you safeguard your assets while also allowing gender and age-based information to feed

Transpeye data mining – Reveal the Risk

Transpeye provides the most efficient hardware and software smart combinations for RISK management, ensuring that the one percent of video required for monitoring is supplied by exception. Transpeye can be combined with security hardware and several data sources to provide an effective risk management solution in which all system capabilities are utilized and visuals transmitted via a dashboard with comprehensive reporting services.

Access Control

Access control gives you a safe, easy, cost-effective method of restricting access to your facility and when it is permitted. All organizations must safeguard their assets and people while yet allowing them free passage throughout the areas where they need it. Doors are frequently left unlocked all day in secure facilities with locks and keys, providing opportunity for opportunistic theft and harmful. Installing an access control system means that you will never have to change a lock again. Tokens are issued to allow access through the controlled doors and are easily barred from the system if they are lost or stolen.

Body Worn Video

We provide a variety of BWV systems to fit your needs and objectives, all in accordance with GDPR standards. Our solutions are scalable and fully scalable, making them perfect for the biggest complex installations down to individual personal safety cameras that can be used just once. We make certain that our solutions meet and exceed the BSI’sBS8593: Code

Lone Working

It’s critical to provide protection for lone workers. We want to assist firms in the protection of their people, whether it is through supplying specific safety equipment, remote monitoring and assistance, or quick response via our vehicles, medical or risk-based needs.

Intruder Alarms

Installing a dependable intruder alarm system may be the simplest method for businesses to aid in the prevention of intrusions. They not only act as a deterrent to potential intruders, but they can also alert you and your team through our ARC (Alarm Response Centre), which is a professional monitoring centre that monitors our systems. Our solutions can also be


Smart CCTV cameras and infrastructure solutions developed with AI technology integrate a variety of tools to aid smarter decision-making, including people counting and face recognition/detection, as well as vehicle identification (ANPR) and automated security alerts.

ANPR, Parking & Drive off Management

The ability to identify vehicles at parking lots can help businesses, municipalities, and a variety of other organizations achieve a number of goals. Managers in any location may now enhance entrance security at schools, offices, and factories or implement road pricing, among other things.

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In the past, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) was expensive, untrustworthy, and only relevant to a small number of applications. Mistakes were frequent, and the existing hardware could not read all license plates accurately enough to operate without human verification. Low-light settings, oblique views, and uncommon digits also caused problems in identifying Today’s ANPR cameras, which are designed with deep learning algorithms and GPU processors, are extremely accurate; they exceed the capabilities of earlier versions. ANPR systems “learn” number plate information in a scene, recognizing a far higher number of vehicle plates and with considerably greater success than previous ANPR solutions.

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People Screening

“Make the invisible thermal radiation”visible” through heat zone images using thermal imaging techniques. Also useful for COVID safety planning. High-performance people-screening cameras with SloScan for fast and sensitive security screening of your workers as they leave to detect and prevent product, drug, or any risk issue theft.

Retail Analytics

We assist merchants and other enterprises to track events and make adjustments based on correct reports of Footfall, Occupancy, Heat Mapping, and Queue Management in order to better understand and optimize their merchandising and category management techniques as well as conventional risk management demands.

Virtual Guard 

Allow our remote monitoring solution to perform live, retrospective, or ad-hoc monitoring and support local onsite teams with remote intervention, intelligence, and protection. A fantastic alternative for high-risk industries.

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