Inventory Management Solutions

Often, we have a knee-jerk reaction to shrinkage and implement solutions without fully understanding the root cause(s). We spend 90% of our time and budget chasing 30% of the problem. Our focus is to secure the handling process of high-risk products throughout the supply chain from the back door to the shelf.

System Checkers

Whether retail or distribution, your back door receiving is the most vulnerable area throughout the supply chain.   This high traffic area is often responsible for more shrinkage than any other department and provides more opportunities for malicious shrinkage to occur.   It is for this reason that this area in particular needs strict compliance to systems and strong robust controls.

Lodge System Checkers ensure detailed line-item checks to verify product description, code and quantity are correct against the delivery invoice. Don’t Pay for something you never received: –


  • Prevent back door collusion (receiving clerk & driver)
  • Prevent supplier fraud (short deliveries)
  • Prevent inaccurate capturing (paper shrinkage)
  • Prevent fraudulent reverse logistics / inter-branches
  • Prevent damages and reduce wastage

Hot Product Controllers

The first security provider to implement a balanced approach that secures the supply chain and improves the handling of shrinkage sensitive products from receiving to shelf.  Shrinkage drives poor on shelf availability and is therefore not just a retailer’s problem.  With Shopper understanding, our solutions are designed from the shelf backwards, to ensure that your products are not defensively merchandised but rather available and visible all the times.  Our collaborative approach between retailers and manufacturers focuses on implementing the following 5 steps: –


  • Secure delivery
  • Fast tracking
  • Daily counts
  • On Shelf availability
  • Measure and adapt

This approach was first trailed in South Africa and was measured in controlled and uncontrolled stores showing a shrinkage reduction by 80% and a sales increase of 44%.   ECR case study presented in Brussels, solution was adopted by many key international retailers.

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