Test Purchasing

Test Purchasing Service

Dishonest or negligent cashiers often operate with impunity and can cause severe loss to any retail organisation. Often, we respond by implementing quick fix solutions which are either not sustainable, or are costly and fail to solve the problem.

Dishonest cashiers will always test the system, they know the risk and how to bypass procedures to steal from their employer. What they don’t know is whether the next customer is a real customer or a “Lodge Shopper”. This alone raises the risk by providing a deterrent factor greater than any other technology-based system you may have implemented on your frontline.

Integrity Testing

  1. Failing to register items (under-ring)
  2. Short changing customers (memory system for balancing)
  3. Sweet heartening – colluding with friend or relative
  4. Price over-ride (accepting a lower or incorrect price)
  5. Refund fraud

Procedural Compliance Testing

  • Cashier courtesy and presentation
  • Till drawer closed before commencing with the next transaction
  • Trolley to trolley system (if applicable)
  • Scanning individual items
  • Scanning or price errors
  • Container checks
  • Void procedure
  • Refund controls
  • Loyalty Card procedure
  • Cash handling procedure (credit card and cheque)
  • Cashier courtesy after transaction (issuing a till slip)

All “Lodge Shoppers” are equipped with the latest covert HD CCTV surveillance to ensure that all interactions and transactions at point of sale are recorded. This provides CCTV footage evidence for use in possible labour disputes or for training videos.

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