Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention Services

Profit protection solutions needs to continuously adapt over time, as what works today may not be effective tomorrow. A common factor for loss may be attributed to the absence of credible controls or lack of compliance. The opportunity for malicious shrinkage to occur only exists as management allows it. Or in other words, good shrinkage follows good management. Our loss prevention approach is to focused on identifying the root cause(s) and developing solutions to reduce revenue loss and provide you with a sustainable ROI.

We offer a wide range of profit protection services to help business prevent loss through malicious or non-malicious shrinkage.  Our solutions focus on reducing this loss and provide you with a sustainable ROI:-

  1. Data Analyses
  2. Loss Prevention Audits

Data Analysis

Data provides you with hard facts on revenue shrinkage within your organisation. It precisely informs you when, what and where that loss occurs. It should always be your starting point to ensure that decisions are made from evidence-based data and not perception. Silver bullets are nice to have, but will have little impact on your bottom line.

Statistical analysis eliminates rule of association with focus on cluster groups by store, by product, by supplier to understand exactly where the problem exists throughout your supply chain. By fully understanding the problem, your solutions will be more effective.

Loss Prevention Audits

LPA is a real-time risk assessment tool that provides a detailed overview of operating standards, creating awareness, improving compliance, reducing shrinkage and ultimately saving you money.


Traditional risk assessment checklists are limited to Yes / No type answers, are subjective and are often generated retrospectively. Lodge Security has developed an online Risk Assessment system (utilising any smart device) which provides real-time feedback on procedural compliance, security risks, administration and safety standards throughout your network. The system is designed to pro-actively improve procedural compliance with a live fault resolution dashboard to change staff behavior.

By using FMEA, algorithms have been developed to provide effect analyses on each question as well as a rating scorecard by department, by store and by region. LPA gives you the ability to break through the noise and focus on the real issues.

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