What to look for in a good security company in South Africa

If you need to find a reliable and experienced security company in South Africa, you first need to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. But with an influx in easily accessible information thanks to the online world, this is easier said than done. Who knows what advice to follow if you have no experience with security measures yourself? 

Here at Lodge Security, we’ve long operated a bespoke security service that tailor-makes protective systems for businesses all over South Africa. We know what it takes to keep a company secure against outside malicious intrusion, both physical and digital. And we want to make it easy for you to find the best security company for your commercial needs. 

A good security detail is paramount at all times. Knowing this, you need to be selective about who you work with to set up physical security systems and digital infrastructure for your company. So, if your business currently needs a security upgrade, or you’re planning to host something like a large corporate event in the near future, here’s what you need to know about hiring the best. 

1- Look for Signs of Integrity and Trustworthiness

No matter what company you’re reaching out to work with, you’ll need to look for signs they are who they say they are. With a security company, you’ll need to dig into their company background here. For example: Are they registered and licensed as security personnel? What testing do their employees go through, and how long do they train their guards for? 

You can also just take a look at their website. How is it set up? Do they make clear notice of what security measures they specialise in? Is it easy to get in touch with them, and are their contact details well displayed? And how well reviewed are they, according to independent rating boards? 

Similarly, do you know of any similar businesses to yours that have worked with them, and could you get in touch? You need to do plenty of research, and make sure the gut feeling you get about the security personnel you’re meeting with is well founded. 

2- Do They Use Innovative Security Measures?

The number of security measures a company employs very much exposes their expertise in the area. Mourning layers of security on top of each other to create a full and expansive system is the best way to keep a business safe in all areas. To review this further, you’ll need to enquire into a company’s services, including their most popular methods, and how they integrate technology and manned guarding together. 

In this case, you want security guards above all else. As such, hone in on how innovative their selection process is. In hiring their security guards, do they regularly review performance and legitimacy? For example, do their staff have to undergo regular tests to ensure honest and effective performance? 

3- Are they up to date on security trends? 

New security trends hit the market at regular intervals; as soon as you pay for a new bit of tech, it’ll only take around a year before an upgrade for that tech is available. As such, you need to investigate how the prospective security company outfits the guards they plan to send to your premises. 

Not only that, you should enquire about the training programs all guards are put through. In South Africa, the PSiRA governing body assigns grades and certificates to all security personnel. You can check the legislation rules available via their website and cross-reference them against the protocols a company runs their operation by. 

4- How Long Have They Worked as a Security Company?

There are various security companies in South Africa, and many of them have long histories they make good use of. Simply put, if a security company has the experience, it means they’ve seen it all! They’re adaptable, intuitive, and have worked long and hard to perfect the way they use their guarding techniques to keep businesses like yours safe. 

We at Lodge Security have been operating as trained guarding personnel for over 50 years now. We’ve been working closely with various South African businesses since 1964, and use this wealth of experience to vet any and all security measures we put into place here and now. Any other security guard company you note down should take a similar approach. 

5- They Need to Know What They’re Talking About

Above all else, a security company is good to work with if you get a sense of confidence and experience from them. It’s why it’s often best to meet in person and establish a rapport face to face. The company needs to know where you’re coming from, and if they consider your needs to be challenging in any way, to be able to suggest alternative ways to deploy security personnel. 

Any security guard company worth it’s salt will be able to answer any and all of your questions. There are quite a few FAQs within the security industry, and someone who’s worked in it for a long time will have a way to put your mind at ease. They’ll also be able to clearly see your concerns and work with them in a productive manner. 

6- Take Your Time to Find the Right Security Company

As a long-standing security company in South Africa ourselves, we endeavour to offer as many security options as possible to all business types, to ensure they can find a method that works for their needs and budget. As a result, we want anyone in need of security to know that rushing into a decision can mean you sign a security contract that simply isn’t fit for purpose. 

To prevent this from happening, take your time contacting and reviewing security companies and make sure you’re satisfied with the guards posted to your business. No matter how short your timeframe is, or how many branching security measures you’d like to invest in, always keep the review points above in mind during your selection process. 


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