Understanding the Different Services Offered by Security Companies in Johannesburg

Security services are some of the most valuable teams in Johannesburg; especially in recent times with tensions reaching a near boiling point. It’s absolutely vital that business owners across Johannesburg can take the opportunity to arrange a well-trusted security company for retail, corporate, transport & warehouse and construction site security, as this will enable you to maintain ultimate peace of mind knowing that your profits are protected. 

Understanding the different services offered by the best security company Johannesburg has to offer will help you to make the most informed decision regarding your unique needs, and thankfully that’s exactly what this guide aims to achieve. Read on to learn more about the type of security services you and your colleagues can benefit from in the heart of South Africa! 

There are lots of services that you can invest in to help protect your business from the many risks and dangers that could be lurking around every corner. Here are some of the most popular and valuable services that Lodge Security provides:

Manned Guarding Services

Our highly trained uniformed security officers are the essential presence at the forefront of our security and protection initiative, trained specifically for client’ requirements. We place emphasis on our recruitment and with our extensive pre-employment screening and selection procedures we verify each candidate’s background and assess a variety of personal qualities, including trustworthiness, honesty and integrity. Our staff are trained to add value to the people, property and assets of our clients, who are supported by hands-on management teams dedicated to meet our client’ requirements. Our manned guards are South African citizens who are all permanently employed, and each member of our team is financially and criminally screened before they can commence any employment. Polygraph tests are performed every six months, and all of our guards are Psira registered. 

Security Control Room Design & Installation

We have extensive knowledge of design, deployment, and maintenance of control rooms, CCTV monitoring stations, and dedicated ARC’s (Alarm Receiving Centres). We’re delighted to assist your internal development from the planning stage and can provide a comprehensive installation and manpower solution to maximize the financial benefits of security systems in your property. We understand that a control room is likely going to be the heart of your security strategy, making it one of the most important areas when it comes to keeping your company safe and protected. You can put your faith in our design and installation services, as we can turn your company’s control room dreams into a reality before you know it. Having a control room will provide you with the ability to properly monitor your business and any impending risks, while also helping you to keep track of anything suspicious or unusual. 


EAS, or electronic article surveillance, is one of the most effective ways to minimize issues such as theft within your business store. Connected to Transpeye, we can offer a truly “smart EAS” solution, bringing video alongside all EAS alerts for remote monitoring and reporting. We also provide a full range of tags and labels, as well as bespoke product protection solutions that are designed from the ground up in collaboration with our clients. We recognise that stock loss is a huge issue for companies in today’s modern world with criminality being so rife, but our EAS systems can certainly help to cut your losses considerably. You’ll be able to maintain the greatest confidence that your stock is safe and sound until an authorized purchase can take place. 

Facial Detection & Recognition

Facial detection and recognition systems can be used to compare a human face from a digital image or video frame to a database of faces, typically used to identify potential offenders to promote safety or minimize the risk of theft. AI technology is at the forefront of this, and it will help you safeguard your assets while also allowing gender and age-based information to feed. Facial detection and recognition services can help you to identify a culprit before they have even had a chance to commit a crime, as you can make a database of known thieves or criminals which then alerts your staff surrounding the arrival of any of the aforementioned people. You can make customer banning far easier with facial recognition, as your cameras can sit at your store’s front entrance to monitor every individual who steps foot in your business. If a crime is committed on your premises, then you can hand over your findings to the relevant authorities with a much higher chance of identifying the culprit!

Access Control

Access control gives you a safe, easy, cost-effective method of restricting access to your facility. All organizations must safeguard their assets and employees, while still allowing them free passage throughout the areas where they need it. This often means that doors are frequently left unlocked all day in what should be secure facilities, providing the chance for opportunistic theft and potential harm for your staff. Installing an access control system means that you will never have to change a lock again, as everything can be done through technological methods instead. Tokens are issued to allow access through the controlled doors and can be easily barred from the system if they are lost or stolen, which further helps to promote the best levels of safety and security. You’ll be able to maintain the utmost faith that no unauthorized individuals are accessing sensitive areas within your business! This is key if you have a customer-facing business, as people could easily attempt to access your stock room or staff areas. 

Body Worn Video

Lastly, we can provide a variety of body worn video systems that will no doubt fit your unique needs and objectives, all the while remaining in accordance with GDPR standards. Our solutions are scalable, making them perfect for both large complex installations for big businesses, as well as smaller individual personal safety cameras that might only need to be used once. We ensure our solutions meet and exceed the BSI’s BS8593 Code. 

If you require further information about our brilliant Johannesburg security services, then please contact our experts today to get the help and support that you need! You and your employees will be so glad you have finally found a worthwhile safety solution.


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