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Commercial Business Security Systems

Today’s technology is underutilised. The 30-year-old tool kit is still used by many businesses. By utilising security technology platforms and AI in your risk assessment, you can protect your staff, your losses and protect your business more effectively.

The computer-based platforms available allow for many applications, the main application must be to reduce the threats of violence and aggression to colleagues on the front line. By simple body analytics and sound monitoring, you can be alerted to and prevent attacks and conflict before they happen.

Remote intervention from our control room allows for the onsite colleagues to stand back from the incident at hand and allow us to take control of the situation and respond via our network of response officers when needed. Allowing us to case manage and reassure colleagues when they are at their most vulnerable.

Don’t accept mediocre – accept honesty and integrity and over 100 years of security experience – accept Lodge Service Technical into your world..

Using AI and security as a solution gives more than just footage and alarms, it will also allow:

tick  Notifications of unusual body language
tick  Identify theft
tick  Allow colleagues to respond to sales opportunities
tick  Manage queues
tick  Mange wait and dwell times
tick  Identify stock shortages
tick  Automatically intervene to access breaches
tick  Integrate all your security and building management solutions – one platform

The list goes on. What we need from you is the risks and opportunities you are faced with. We can then support you in building a solution, specifically for your business area.

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Our Lodge Service Technical Team provide the strategy and installation of the very latest security technologies in the industry.

With the service, you can trust to keep your business protected with the best value and efficient technologies available. The Lodge Service Technical Team of installers is equipped with the best and latest business-grade equipment and software to provide you with a complete business security solution. They also have a thorough understanding of business security technology needs and will work with you to find the best solution for your business.

You can be sure that your business is in good hands with the business security system installers.

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LS Tech

Commercial Security Control room design and installation

We have many years of experience in design, set up and operational deployment of security control rooms, CCTV monitoring stations and dedicated ARC’s (Alarm Receiving Centre) – We are happy to support your internal developments to maximise your commercial security systems from the design stage and happy to provide a full installation and manpower solution to maximise your return on investment of security systems within your estate. Providing nsi gold level support for your monitoring service and security needs.

EAS For Retail Business Security

Pedestals and associated equipment for AM and RF Systems are available to supply, install and commission. Connected to Transpeye, we can offer a truly “Smart EAS” solution, bringing video alongside all EAS alerts for remote management and reporting. A full range of tags and labels are available also and we are happy to explore bespoke product protection challenges and design from scratch with client input. 

Facial detection and recognition

Facial detection and recognition systems is technology capable of matching a human face from a digital image or a video frame against a database of faces, typically employed to identify potential offenders to safety or theft. AI technology is at the fore of this and will support the protection of your assets but also has the ability to off gender and age based information to support marketing teams on category management within a retail environment.

Transpeye data mining – Reveal the Risk

Transpeye allows the most efficient hardware and software smart combinations to maximise RISK management needs efficiently, ensuring the 1% of video required for observation is provided by exception. Combining Transpeye with security hardware and multiple data sources immediately adds value to your security investments to enable an efficient risk management solution where all system features are maximised and visuals reported via a dashboard with full reporting suite.

Access Control

Access control offers a secure, convenient, flexible and cost-effective way of controlling who has access to your building and when that access is allowed. All businesses have to protect assets and employees whilst allowing people to move freely in the areas that they need. It is common in buildings that are secured by locks and keys for doors to be left unlocked all day. This opens up the possibility of opportunist theft and malicious damage. Installing an access control system means that you will never have to change a lock again. Tokens are issued to allow access through the controlled doors and are easily barred from the system if they are lost or stolen.

Body Worn Video

We supply a range of BWV systems to suit your needs and objectives, all aligned to GDPR regulations. Our solutions are fully scalable, making them suitable for the largest complex deployments down to single-use cameras for individual personal safety. We ensure solutions are specifically engineered to meet and exceed the BSI’sBS8593: Code of Practice for the Effective Deployment of Body Worn Video (BWV).

Lone Working

Protection of lone workers is essential. Whether it be the supply of specific safety devices, remote monitoring and support or immediate response via our vehicles, whether it be medical or a risk based need we aim to support businesses in the protection of their people as a priority.

Business Alarm Systems

Installing a reliable intruder alarm system can be the easiest way for businesses to help prevent intrusions. They not only serve as a deterrent to potential burglars, but also, should an intrusion occur, they provide a warning either to you and your team direct or through a professional monitoring centre including our very own ARC (Alarm Response Centre). Our solutions are also available to be connected to Transpeye to allow a Video First risk management system for perimeter and intrusion detection. We provide the latest technologies and commercial alarm systems for businesses.

IP and AI CCTV Systems

For the best security system for your business, our smart cameras and infrastructure solutions engineered with AI technology integrate a range of tools to support smarter decision making , from people counting and facial recognition & detection, to vehicle recognition (ANPR) and automated security alerts. We provide the latest range of business security systems for your commercial premises.

ANPR, Parking & Drive off Management

The ability to identify vehicles at parking entrances can provide major benefits for businesses, local authorities, and a range of other organizations. Now, managers in any area can improve entrance security to schools, offices, and factories, for instance, or to implement road tolling, and much more.

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In the past, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) has been costly, unreliable, and only relevant for a limited number of applications. Errors were commonplace and the available hardware could not read every licence plate reliably, and so could not operate without human confirmation. Additionally, low-light areas, oblique vantage points, and non-standard characters caused issues in detecting and capturing number plates. Today’s ANPR cameras, engineered with deep learning algorithms and GPU processors, are extremely accurate – more than sufficient to overcome previous challenges. ANPR systems “learn” number plate information within a scene, recognizing a much higher number of automobile plates and with much higher efficiency than conventional ANPR systems. They also no longer require the frequent and often cumbersome camera positioning adjustments.

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People Screening

Make the invisible thermal radiation“visible”in the form of heat zone images with thermal imaging technologies. Also useful in support COVID safety strategies. High-performance people-screening cameras, with SloScan, for quickly and respectfully screening your employees as they exit, to detect and deter theft of products, drugs or any risk based issue.

Retail Analytics

We help retailers and other businesses to observe events and implement change based on accurate reports of Footfall, Occupancy, Heat Mapping and Queue Management to help understand and optimise their merchandising and category management strategies as well as traditional risk management needs adding value to any CCTV investment.

Virtual Guard 

Maximise your investment in technology by allowing our remote monitoring suite to conduct live, retrospective or ad-hoc monitoring and support local onsite teams
with remote intervention, intelligence and protection.  A great option for high risk locations.

Your Trusted Security Partner – 100 Years’ Experience

Lodge Service is one of the top security companies in the UK. We have unrivalled experience since our formation in 1919 and you can benefit from this today.

Business owners, property directors, and site and security managers all look to us for help to protect their people and property - to ‘design out’ crime.

The range of security and property management services available in the UK includes:


  • Vehicle tracking and Lone Worker Support
  • Technology Integration of security and FM systems
  • Business data analysis
  • 24-hour support and security response
  • CCTV and alarm monitoring
  • Post-incident verification
  • Incident management systems
  • 24/7 BMS (Building Management Services)

The service is based on our Intelligence Centre and Security Control Room. From here we can plan and control security and property management services. This provides asset protection and reduces cost and risk, for an assured return on your investment.

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Our experienced team will help you to assess the risks and threats to your property and people and confirm the opportunities for trouble-free installation and a cost-effective solution. Protection can cost less than you think.

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