Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Security Patrol Service

For a professional elite mobile security patrol response to protect your home or your business and keep your family and staff safe; Lodge Service have a team of highly trained Security response officers ready to respond to potential incidents, so you don’t have to.

As a mobile security patrol customer you will benefit from:

  • Dedicated national operations centre
  • Self delivery capability with network support
  • Integrated technology, including; GPS proof of presence tracking including task management & Digital Assignment Instructions, Body Worn Camera, Lone Worker device and live customer dashboards.
  • SIA Approved Contractor & ACS Pacesetter (Top 1%)
  • Trained officers patrolling your site, providing regular intelligence of potential risks to the business
  • Bespoke roving patrols using our mobile application
  • Proactive and responsive specialist security partner that tailors the service to fit your needs
  • Dedicated account management team who specialise in mobile response
  • Bespoke security package tailored for every client’s needs
  • Boarding up or locksmith service for any incidents that may need support out of hours
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Lodge Service will assign fully trained and licensed SIA security officers to have the responsibility for responding to out of hours alarm activations and securing site on your behalf. So you can trust us to look after what matters to you most.

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Our mobile security patrol teams can perform random mobile patrols to give you an increased security presence to protect your property for when static, manned guarding is either not appropriate or cost prohibitive.

All of our mobile patrols are tracked using our bespoke mobile application ; Logic Live which provides a full electronic report and GPS footprint for the delivery of mobile patrols.

Keyholding and Alarm Response

Whether you are a business or homeowner, responding to intruder, fire or CCTV alarm activations can not only be frustrating, time-consuming and inconvenient but could also put you or your designated keyholder into a vulnerable position. Lodge Security Mobile Response provide fully trained, accredited, SIA-licenced officers who are well-versed in any situation. We provide a rapid response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to prevent your team from being exposed to potentially dangerous situations and to protect your day-to-day business tasks and targets from being affected.
NSI Gold Accredited in compliance with the British standard – BS 7984 parts 1 & 3, our fully trained response team will attend your premises and will perform external and internal checks, managing any incidents that may arise, reporting all attendances while outlining any findings for an activation. Our detailed electronic reports will produce all the information you require, bespoke to your business needs. With attendance time, date, addresses and co-ordinates stamped into each report, giving you proof of presence and peace of mind.
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It is a requirement of many insurance companies that regular inspections of vacant properties are carried out to ensure that the buildings are secure and intact in order for you to comply with the terms of your policy.

Vacant properties can be a magnet for vandals, thieves, arsonists, squatters or even children. Not making sure you are compliant with your insurance policy could be a costly oversight.

Our mobile security patrol team will provide you with a full report including photographic evidence of each inspection, so you have a complete overview of your vacant property portfolio.


With our mobile security patrol teams we can carry out the locking and unlocking of your premises at time’s that are convenient for you. In the morning our officers will unlock your premises, carry out a security check and await the arrival of your first staff. In the evening, our officers will turn off lights, ensure all staff and visitors have left the building, secure all doors and windows before setting the intruder alarm. Just give us a checklist of all your requirements and we’ll do the rest.

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Explore Our Vacancies

Business owners, property directors, and site and security managers all look to us for help to protect their people and property - to ‘design out’ crime.

The range of security and property management services available in the UK includes:


  • Vehicle tracking and Lone Worker Support
  • Technology Integration of security and FM systems
  • Business data analysis
  • 24-hour support and security response
  • CCTV and alarm monitoring
  • Post-incident verification
  • Incident management systems
  • 24/7 BMS (Building Management Services)

The service is based on our Intelligence Centre and Security Control Room. From here we can plan and control security and property management services. This provides asset protection and reduces cost and risk, for an assured return on your investment.


It is reassuring to know that you are protecting your property and making sure that you, your family or staff members are not being placed in a potentially dangerous situation. In addition, as a director or manager, revisions to the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 means you are responsible for members of staff who may be put in a potentially hazardous situations when attending an alarm activation at your premises.

Consider how much impact it would have on your business if a key member of staff has responded to an alarm activation in the middle of the night and then has to be back in work first thing in the morning.

Our Keyholding and Alarm response teams can give you round the clock peace of mind.

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SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key-Holding.

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Lodge Security Limited is a Safe Contractor accredited supplier

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Lodge Service is an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold accredited organisation for Guarding, Keyholding and Technical services.

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Lodge Security Limited achieved a score in the top 1% for the SIA ACS approval