Introducing Walksafe+ partnership with Lodge Service

We at Lodge Service are immensely proud to be partnering with WalkSafe+…. As a technology led security consultancy, with over 100 years of operation in the UK, we must continually adapt and develop to ensure our communities and people within them remain safe.

The issues raised around personal safety in public spaces has been at the forefront of our strategy, especially regarding the safety issues and risks that disproportionately affect women and girls. We have been working with our customers, BIDs and BCRPs to raise awareness, deploy our street wardens and collaborate with other service providers, to offer better security solutions.

As a community we need to create a greater confidence amongst our staff and the public, that the places they work, learn, live, and visit are acknowledging and actively addressing safety concerns. It promotes trust and inclusion.
The work Emma and the team have undertaken at WalkSafe is amazing, developing a free personal safety app to get you home safely and support in the drive to reduce risks to those most vulnerable. For Lodge Service, the partnership allows for us to continue to deliver on ‘Our purpose, Vision, and Values’ and to continue to collaborate on community safety initiatives.

The Lodge Service, Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC), is the monitoring heart of WalkSafe+, with 24/7 dedicated controllers, monitoring those utilising the WalkSafe+ app, ensuring every step of the journey you can be rest assured you have someone looking out for you. In the event of an SOS call being made, or the journey not completed, our controllers will initiate the agreed response plan, call Police, and deploy security responders immediately to the GPS identified location.
As the partnership between WalkSafe+ and Lodge Service continues to thrive, we are proud to be able to support WalkSafe’s vision in saving lives through technology.

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