Andy Cockerill has been appointed as the Operations Director for the UK and Austria for Lodge Security.

After joining the company 15 years ago as a security officer in Leeds, Andy has worked his way up through most operational departments. This includes roles working as a Store Detective, Site Security Manager, Trainer, Account Manager, Regional Manager to now Operations Director for the UK and Austria.

Lodge Service International is a third-generation, family-owned, security specialist that celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019.

Stuart Lodge CEO says:

“Andy’s appointment is well-deserved and recognises his outstanding contribution to the group. At Lodge, we prioritise internal promotion and appointments and I am really happy to be making this announcement as it demonstrates how a security officer can work their way up through the ranks and end up running a multi-million-pound international company. 

“Over these years, Andy has been brilliant at working with customers to understand their needs and going the extra mile. With this, he has also built a very loyal management team around him with an abundance of high achievers. In the business we have a strong emphasis on training and career development, with many long-serving managers, other staff promotions, and this appointment, it proves just what is possible. It also ensures that our clients benefit from the operational experience and continuity of personnel that we offer”.

A priority for Andy Cockerill in his new role is to increase the effectiveness of officers and undercover operatives with the application of a blended service using personnel and technology, in conjunction with role specific data analysis undertaken through the Lodgic Intelligence centre.

Andy says: 

“Alert, well-trained guards are essential in busy retail and corporate environments to detect, prevent and respond to security threats. I have a great team around me and I am always proud of the hardworking officers we have delivering top service to our clients every day. We are focused on using technology and expert training to support and nurture our colleagues, and increase our teams effectiveness for all security users.”

Andy Cockerill will manage the deployment of Lodge’s ‘blended’ strategy that combines manned guarding services with internet-based intelligence data and control technologies, using Transpeye, a data-mining software and also our Lodgic Live Incident and case management software. This delivers lower costs, reduced crime and a higher return on security investment.

Andy says:

“We implemented our strategy in a recent pilot project for a major fashion retailer and it achieved a 52% increase in the value of recovered goods from arrests and a 32% reduction in security staffing hours. The value of goods from arrests was up by 138%”.

Lodge Service, at its Lodgic Intelligence Centre, obtained these figures from analysed transactions and security data through specific data mining of EPoS systems, online transactions and other store systems. This successfully identified the primary sources of loss and also relationships between apparently isolated incidents.

These patterns of criminal activity enabled the investigative team to correlate recurring losses to specific individuals and gangs, who were identified from instore CCTV recordings. They could then be stopped in-store by the Lodge Security store detectives and arrested by the Police, all supported by the evidence collected by the security team.

Other Lodge solutions include: staff credential checks; undercover investigation and surveillance; online counterfeit and fraud detection; retail test purchasing; compliance audits; mystery shopping and customer service measurement through its React CX division; recruitment for office administration and security staff; CCTV installation; remote alarm receiving and building management 24-7; and incident and case management software, Lodgic Live. 

Contact: www.lodgeservice.com

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