Lodge Security & Pick n Pay launch new NSOC

Earlier last month, in partnership with Pick n Pay, Lodge Security celebrated the grand opening of their NSOC National Security Operations Centre. This marks the conclusion of Phase 1 of their CCTV Centralisation project, featuring cutting edge array of advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) features to support their security strategy of the future.

After considerable scope reviews to accommodate the store and business  IT infrastructure needs, with the highest level of cyber security in mind – 320 stores have now been successfully connected to the NSOC based in their HQ in Cape Town, where a team of CCTV operators and data analysts support the project 24/7/365.

This innovative endeavour was only made possible through both expert technical engineering support and international expertise; creating exception-based alerts from Electronic Point of Sale (ePOS), sales floor, back office, warehouse, distribution and perimeter which came together for a seamless blended solution – all designed with partners across the UK, Europe and South Africa.

Pick n Pay deployed AI analytics to maximize security, improve procedural compliance and enhance the overall customer store experience.  High-tech monitoring systems ensure intruder detection, cash office access control, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) protection as well as receiving door control.

On the sales floor advanced software delivers alerts on shoplifting prevention along with smart shelf technology that includes heat mapping to gain insights into shopper behaviour and retail design improvements. Moreover, Transpeye has been integrated for ePOS risk management via automated alert mechanisms triggered by refunds, voids, and discounts scanning activities in particular.

Advanced technologies from across the globe are at the heart of the strategy, including:-

  • Smart Merchandising Solutions – alerts for stock removal and live inventory counting option
  • Trolley Push Out Detection
  • AI Based Theft Detection
  • AI Based Scan Avoidance Detection
  • Face Recognition & ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Lodge Security SA working in partnership with the Lodge UK team were at the heart of the project, introducing and delivering a variety of options and best practise from across the globe.  The Lodge Security team was appointed to recruit and train the operators and data analysts within the NSOC and are now live, with the objective of Losing Less and Selling More.

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