Retailers Against Crime November Statistics 2023

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Welcome to your monthly Statistics for November   Incidents reported decreased slightly during November with the amount stolen increasing by over 20% compared to October. There continues to be an increase in violent incidents and incidents committed by organised groups, many of whom travel throughout the UK. 
For further information please contact RAC at [email protected]      0afa313d 57ec 49b3 6c60 457513653d34   57a30b9c 4597 876a 86b4 c05563881ef9     fbc2cfad b1ba 6f39 2807 1964be7504a0 The map above shows where incidents were reported during October.   0cec8777 a7d2 7724 ccf0 7c376aa67f1f   c72539cb 86fb 8daa 3352 f0295445e1e3   c973a15a f097 3b45 4517 cecf275347bf   df481828 21ce edb8 d6b7 ec3c21fe2efb   dae358ab 918b 81e3 7ef2 6d076a382816   visit our website

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