Retailers Against Crime October Statistics 2023

Retailers Against Crime October Statistics 2023
Welcome to your monthly Statistics for October

Incidents increased during October with the amount stolen also increasing by over 10% compared to September. There continues to be an increase in violent incidents and incidents committed by organised groups, many of whom travel throughout the UK. 
For further information please contact RAC at [email protected] d83b1d7c 29ea 0cdc 4883 9933da015cf041e33d0f b38b f321 f01f fa0b37b89453a836f778 8a10 fa61 2cd1 2735ba38a45bThe map above shows where incidents were reported during October.0cec8777 a7d2 7724 ccf0 7c376aa67f1f93ed23e8 84fd fbf1 1407 d156cf772d95b4428405 1ac1 ff82 988b f589c2924237df481828 21ce edb8 d6b7 ec3c21fe2efbc377d8df 0a20 5e88 9564 07bb03238b08visit our website

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