The advantages of CCTV security systems for businesses

Business security systems in 2022 have come a long way since the fuzzy black and white images of the noughties. No longer do we need to rely on pixelated images to try and trace down suspects after incidents – we can now see perpetrators in high definition. And if you’re a business with heightened security needs, a properly installed CCTV system is the number one method to stay ahead of the criminal curve. 

But if you’re not yet convinced, or you’re fine operating with your current security measures, we’ve listed the advantages of using modern CCTV below. The world of business security is getting tighter and tighter, especially in the digital realm, and you deserve to know the best ways to keep both your company and your employees safe. 

A Higher Quality Security Detail

In the business world, you need ears and eyes everywhere. You need a high-quality level of security, right down to the minor details that any malicious intruder could hope to exploit. And in terms of your physical security, a CCTV camera in pride of place not only acts as a deterrent, but it gets it all on video for anyone to see. 

And as we noted earlier, the innate quality of the image has come a long way. You can rely on resolutions from 1080p upwards, which make it much easier to determine faces in a crowd, or harmful items or substances are hidden on someone’s person. 

To top it off, all of this can be controlled from your main hub – it’s easier than ever to run a business without constantly needing to have boots on the ground, which can also negatively impact your profit line. 

CCTV Allows for Enhanced Security Measures

If you want to be a modern business capable of operating in an effective capacity, you’ll need a CCTV camera setup. Why? Because of the enhanced control measures. Here are some of the smartest features ready-built into modern CCTV systems: 

An Early Warning System

This is the main advantage of using a CCTV security system. An eye in the sky can see something coming from at least 40 feet away. This gives you time to enact your security measures if need be, including deploying a guard to the scene or simply locking the doors. 

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition software is one of the biggest security benefits of the modern era. If someone doesn’t have their face clearly on camera, or it’s obscured by bad lighting or weather conditions, facial recognition can help build their profile. This also comes in handy when you’ve banned certain customers or even ex-employees from your premises; the use of facial recognition can immediately alert you to their presence, with security guards on stand by. 

Remote Management

If you’re unable to man your company’s security desk 24/7/, you’ll be able to remotely manage any cameras and check in no matter where you are. This means you just need a connected signal, a phone or tablet, and a moment to switch to the feed. 

Heat ‘Zone’ Performance

New CCTV cameras are able to scan the temperature of anyone entering or exiting a building. As such, modern security companies are able to spot concealed items, such as weapons or misplaced property, without the need for an invasive search. This sense of privacy is coveted in the business world, and all you need is a CCTV system to employ it. 

A potential new way to stay COVID Safe  

Security measures can do more than keep out anyone who may be carrying contraband items or offensive weapons. It can also help you spot potential diseases within your workplace. For example, via the use of this heat zone technology, you can also enact an extra line of defence against the like of recent Covid pandemic.

One of the main symptoms of these types of viruses is fever and high temperatures, which can be spotted via the camera interface. Whether you run active testing protocols on site or not, your CCTV system can be another way to spot the signs early on. 

Multiple Working Setup Support

Whether you operate a fully staffed office or you allow lone workers to break off into rooms of their own, a CCTV system will cover your entire premises. This allows you to better protect anyone using a remote working setup, just as if they were surrounded by their fellow colleagues. This is good for people working outside while on-site; you can keep an eye on the exterior grounds without needing to emigrate your entire system. 

New AI Integration for Smarter Security

You can’t be on the cameras all day long, so you need them to be able to ‘think’ for themselves. In 2022, this is becoming more and more possible by the day. New AI integration in modern business security systems means cameras can make their own decisions based on historical input. Tracking can occur at all times, and the triggering of attached alarms can be automated. 

Able to Keep Retail Stock Safe

A CCTV system is your eyes and ears in rooms you cannot physically be. As such, deploying cameras in stock rooms, back rooms, and the warehouse can help you keep an eye on the stock. This can be a big boon to your loss prevention department if you operate a retail model. 

Your Business Could Benefit From CCTV Security System

They’re better than they’ve ever been. A modern CCTV system is fit for any and all business types, from small to medium size enterprises to full corporation level entities. After all, when you’re running a business you’ve got many security responsibilities on your plate, and CCTV is the best point of contact to converge them all together. 

New technology, including AI integration, makes them the best first line of defence against physical intrusion across your entire company premises. You’ll have more control than ever over the space you work in. So, if you want a business security system that works as hard as you do, invest in a CCTV setup.

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