Upgrade Your Security: Reasons To Switch Security Companies

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Security is a vital aspect of any business or organisation that aims to safeguard its assets and ensure public safety. With the growing threat of crime and other security risks, it is crucial for organisations to ensure that they have effective security measures in place.

One way to achieve this is by employing a reputable elite security firm to provide the necessary services. This article explores the significance of security, the advantages of switching security companies, and the essential factors to consider when selecting a new company.

By providing readers with valuable insights and information, this article aims to help organisations make informed decisions about their security requirements. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, understanding the importance of security and the benefits of changing companies can assist you in enhancing your overall security posture and protecting your business from potential threats.

Importance of Security

Security is a vital aspect for businesses and organisations that want to safeguard their property and ensure public safety. The importance of security is apparent in the significant resources invested by governments worldwide in counter-terrorism measures and security. For example, the UK has maintained a terror threat level of substantial or severe since 2019, highlighting the need for constant vigilance and preparedness for potential threats.

In addition to protecting property and public safety, physical security has many benefits for businesses. Effective security measures can deter theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities, reducing the risk of financial losses and harm to reputation. Furthermore, security measures can improve employee productivity and enhance customer confidence, leading to increased business success.

Therefore, it is essential for businesses to invest in security to protect their interests and ensure long-term growth.

Switching Security Companies.

When considering a change in security service providers, it is important to thoroughly review the qualifications of the guards and assess whether the current pricing aligns with industry standards. A sign that it may be time to switch security companies is if the guards are not properly qualified. It is crucial that all security guards working for a private security company are SIA licensed. Additionally, it is important to check that the security company is an SIA approved contractor to ensure that they meet industry standards.

Another factor to consider is whether the current pricing is reasonable. If you are not getting the right price, there may be various reasons, such as hidden fees or lack of transparency. To ensure that you are getting a fair deal, it is recommended to check your current security contract to ensure that you are within your rights to end it earlier.

It is also important to go over your business’s current monthly costs to see how much your security is costing you and whether it aligns with industry standards. By taking these steps, you can make an informed decision about whether it is time to switch security companies and find a provider that offers low-cost, high-quality security.

Other Key Points

Accreditations are an important consideration when selecting a security provider in the UK. Security companies must adhere to certain standards and regulations to ensure they are qualified to provide the necessary services. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme is a significant accreditation that guarantees security companies meet legal requirements and industry standards. Additionally, the ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems that demonstrates a company’s commitment to providing high-quality services. Accredited companies have a well-documented system for offering consistent and dependable services.

Apart from accreditations, it is crucial to consider the impact of climate change and terrorism on public safety. Climate change has the potential to cause natural disasters and increase the severity of weather-related incidents, which can affect public safety and increase the need for security measures. Terrorism is also a threat to public safety, and it is essential for security companies to remain informed and prepared to respond to potential attacks. Furthermore, recent surveys indicate that people feel safer in the presence of uniformed officers, highlighting the importance of a professional and well-trained security team. By taking these factors into account and selecting a security company with the appropriate accreditations and training, businesses can ensure the safety and security of their property and employees.

SIA Approved Contractor SchemeEnsures security companies meet legal requirements and industry standardsDemonstrates commitment to high-quality services
ISO 9001International standard for quality management systemsProvides consistent and reliable services

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a security company when considering switching providers?

When contemplating a change of security providers, it is important to seek out guards with appropriate qualifications, competitive pricing, and SIA accreditation. It is also crucial to take into account regular monitoring of guards and the ability to obtain frequent reports.

How does the SIA licensing process work for private security guards?

The SIA, or Security Industry Authority, is in charge of overseeing and authorising private security guards in the United Kingdom. To become licensed, individuals must complete an approved training program, pass a criminal background check, and fulfil other eligibility criteria.

Can I cancel my current security agreement before it expires without incurring any penalties?

Ending a security contract before its agreed-upon term may lead to penalties, depending on the contract’s terms and conditions. It is crucial to examine the existing contract and ensure that terminating it early does not violate any clauses or agreements.

Are there any extra advantages to changing security firms apart from saving money and getting better service?

A survey discovered that 62% of UK businesses that encountered a security breach switched their security providers. Apart from saving costs and getting improved service, changing providers may result in better security measures and give businesses peace of mind.

How can I make sure that the security firm I pick is reliable and trustworthy?

In order to guarantee the reliability and credibility of a security firm, it is important to take into account their security accreditations, SIA approval, and the qualifications of their staff. It is advisable to conduct research on the firm’s reviews and track record, and to compare their services and pricing with other similar companies before making a final decision.


In conclusion, security remains of utmost importance in protecting both physical and human assets. This article has outlined the significance of security, the advantages of switching security companies, and essential factors to consider when choosing a new company. Although it may seem ironic that a company providing security services may require upgrading of their security, it is a necessary step in ensuring the best possible service.

Switching security companies provides an opportunity to evaluate one’s security needs and find a provider who offers the best value for money. It is crucial to consider factors such as technology, personnel training, and customer service when selecting a new security company.

Ultimately, it is vital to choose a company that aligns with your security needs and provides a comprehensive approach to security. As the old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure,’ and upgrading your security by switching companies may be the best preventative measure for your business or organisation.

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