Celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2019 at Lodge Service, we are the longest-serving independent security consultants in the UK.

As a third-generation family business, we have learned a lot over the course of 100 years at Lodge Service – and ensure that today our clients, which includes many major security users, can benefit from this invaluable resource of experience and expertise.

My top three tips for effective protection are these:-

1. When your staff don’t follow agreed security processes, that’s when you’re most at risk from criminals and avoidable threats. This is perhaps the key lesson: consistency and persistence in maintaining agreed processes ensures effective security.

So, regular training and audits are a must. It starts with getting your recruitment right; and includes monitoring and analysis of transactions, physical and data security and increasingly related social media activity too.

2. Exploit technology: use remote monitoring over the internet for your security and building service’s needs. You can connect a range of onsite systems, from EPoS and intelligent shelf labels – through to EAS and alarmed doors. This gives you centralised control and new choices for cost reduction, for the best return on security investment.

The technology hub is the Intelligence Centre, for 24-7 management and control of multiple sites. You can quickly connect your network to Lodg.IC, so that you have the reassurance that all activity and assets are effectively monitored, supported by our key holding and emergency call-out services.

3. Technology alone is not enough: you need to integrate technology with the support of experienced security personnel: consultants, guards and investigators. Store detectives and mystery shoppers too, if you’re a retailer. It is the Lodge ‘blended security’ solution we have pioneered and which successfully safeguards a range of retail, corporate, entertainment and other venues and businesses.

Today, Lodge Service offers you all of these services. We have the widest range of any independent security consultants in the UK.

Partner with us and you will get the best blend of technology and manpower for 24-7 protection, remote monitoring and response. With resources aligned to the specific risks to your business. To protect your people and profits.

Our Elite Detective Service features data mining and analysis of retail transactions using Transpeye to target OCG (Organised Criminal Gang) activity and to catch perpetrators instore, before they can strike again, with great ROI.

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