Why are Security licenses important for a Security Company?

What is an SIA license?

An SIA (Security Industry Authority) license is compulsory for anyone working in the security industry. Those applying for the license must pass an identity check and criminal record, be eligible to work in the UK, be over 18 years old, and complete SIA approved industry training. Originating from the Private Security Industry act 2001, the license is designed to regulate the industry, so that those working in security are trained, able to protect the public and deliver a high level of customer service. Officers working without a license could be imprisoned for up to 6 months and/or face a fine of up to £5,000.

If you are looking for a security company to work with, it’s essential they provide assurances of licensed security guards.

The license covers:

Front-line VS Non-front-line license

Anyone who is performing a front-line activity as part of their job must hold a Front-Line License.

Those managing individuals, directors and partners of a company where employees perform licensable activities, must have a non-front-line license.

New requirements in SIA licenses

The SIA license is regularly updated to make way for emerging technologies and takes into consideration changes in law. Recently, the SIA license has required security officers to hold first aid training, such as the Emergency First Aid at Work qualification or equivalent. Security officers are often the first response to incidents and alarms, so it’s important that they can act appropriately if there is a health or safety concern. If you’re company is choosing a security company, SIA accreditation is a must, and seeking a company that has utilised more recent updates is also important.

Other changes to the SIA licenses include additional practical training and relevant industry-specific training. This continual development cycle means you can be assured of the credibility and experience each guard has. When you are trusting a security company with your business, it is vital to find a proficient team.

Additional Accreditation

SafeContractor Approved

Lodge Service are SafeContractor Approved, reinforcing that health and safety are at the heart of the business. This optional accreditation is assessed by a third party, who examine the company’s credibility and commitment to safety legislation. If you are searching for a trustworthy company within a competitive industry, the SafeContractor logo is one to look out for.

NSI Gold Award

The NSI Gold award is also designed to credit excellence in team management and customer service and is often seen as a high mark of excellence. The National Security Inspectorate is a highly trusted UKAS-accredited certification body, who act as a third-party to audit the standards security companies set. Audits are conducted annually to provide reassurance that the business is reputable and has been vetted. This award is also recognised by many insurers, meaning that premiums could be reduced and you may be eligible for a discount.

Lodge Service is a fully accredited company with over 100 years of experience in the security industry. Licensed security guards are fully trained to high company standards as well as those of the SIA. For more information on the security solutions available, please contact us today.l as those

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